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Have a listen to "Another Day, Another Year"

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Giants – Break The Cycle

Release Date: 1st April 2016
Holy Roar Records
Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/1YgCGKu

My first dose of Giants came a few years back in a small pub in Eastbourne, as my mates supported them. They were aggressive, full of so much energy and just captivating to watch. So when it was announced that Giants had a debut album due, I was excited to hear what the Essex punks had in store for us.

It is safe to say ‘Break The Cycle’ is everything I’ve been expecting from Giants. More of that aggression and energy that will no doubt be reflected with any audience. From the start of this album ‘Underachievers’ showcases the band’s ability to blend the ferocity of hardcore punk and the catchy hooks of a post-hardcore chorus. Throughout the album Giants continue to mix the two genres with hints of pop-punk, skate punk, and melodic hardcore, it’s done so subtly that it all merges perfectly to create songs full of fire and emotion.

A lot of this album takes influence from Your Demise, especially their last full album ‘The Golden Age’. ‘Against The Grain’ is reminiscent of ‘Forget About Me’, it contains a similar catchy vocal melody in the chorus and the same potent hostility in the verses that a lot of Your Demise songs had from the shouts and meaty riffs . I dare say ‘Break The Cycle’ is a better version of that album, purely because Giants pack in a lot more intensity.

That intense atmosphere is a reminder of early Comeback Kid. Giants are full of the same relentless exuberance from start to finish; there is a real sense of urgency. The majority of this album is fierce, but Giants still throw in some fun atmosphere with ‘Resignation’, which is laced with that Epi-Fat atmosphere that would make the likes of Bad Religion and Pennywise proud. The Essex lads manage to balance their fun and aggressive sides brilliantly, especially with follow up track ‘Another Day, Another Year’. It switches from sheer brutality in crushing riffs and harsh shouts to snappy shout outs and those pop-punk rhythms. By far this is the most enjoyable track on the album.

The last couple of tracks finish off the album in epic fashion. ‘Evergreen’ is an angst-ridden punk ballad that focuses on the melodies and emotion, the rare down-tempo really helps capture it all. The album finale ‘I’ve Been Low’ is chock-a-block full of metallic grooves and more of those savage shouts layered on top of awesome backing vocals, creating a great atmosphere until the very end.

Giants have created one of the most enjoyable hardcore punk albums in recent years, keeping their sound fresh and exciting. The Essex lads have really made a statement of pushing themselves near the top of an already great hardcore punk scene. Listen to this album with the volume up.

For Fans Of: Comeback Kid, Your Demise, Gallows