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Have a listen to: "(Rock) Superstar", "Over-Throne" and "Taken (Acoustic)"

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Hacktivist – Over-Throne

Release Date: 9th December 2016
iTunes: http://apple.co/2hVPyXT

Hacktivist are unlike any other band on the metal scene right now, their unique mix of Djent and Grime has given them a sound that makes them stand out like a sore thumb yet somehow, it works damn well. Their latest release, ‘Over-Throne‘, is an EP that no one expected to release this year as their huge debut album ‘Outside The Box‘ had only launched earlier in 2016; but the real question is, is it any good? Well, yes, yes it is.

The title track ‘Over-Throne is about as Hacktivist as a song can get, with its killer riffs and rhythms being backed by that brutal rapping we’ve come to know. This is a meaty track, built in a way that allows each member of the band their chance to show how talented they are without coming off in a pretentious way as the djent rhythms lead us into a bone-breaking chorus that just makes you want to get up and run like a madman. Yet there is something new here, there’s a new sense of melody coming from the clean singing of guitarist Timfy James and it really does add this extra layer to what is already a damn good Hacktivist track.

The next track is something fans would never expect, a fully acoustic version of ‘Taken‘ from ‘Outside the Box‘; god damn this really is a sound I never ever thought I’d hear from Hacktivist and even more impressive is the fact that it’s a brilliantly performed acoustic version of one of the heaviest tracks on OTB. Once again, we get treated to some beautiful singing from Timfy that really changes the normal sounds you’d expect from this band, if we get more of this Hacktivist it will show all those haters or doubters that Hacktivist are far more that a one-trick pony and they really are just incredibly talented musicians more than anything else.

Once again there’s a mad change of pace, this time we’re at ‘Buszy – Timfy James Remix‘, an electronic remix of another track from OTB that allows a chance for Timfy  to show that he can be more than a metal guitarist, he can produce beats and sounds that easily reflect those of a well-established DJ, any fan of the band should give this one a listen.

By far the coolest track on this EP is the killer cover of ‘(Rock) Superstar‘ by Cypress Hill, simply put this is the most creative cover of an already established banger and it works so well. A chance for the band to show off their skill as hip-hop musicians, this song has such a well-established bounce that makes you want to just bob along like mad, with its killer beat mixed in with bass heavy riffs to give that feeling of metal meets rap that Hacktivist strive to produce. This is a track built for live performances and you can tell, Hacktivist have always strived to be the best live band they can and I personally cannot wait to hear this song on the set in coming months.

This is only a short EP, but it perfectly captures what Hacktivist are capable of as musicians. If you have been won over or are just curious about the hype behind this band, check out their full release album ‘Outside the Box or catch them on tour over the next few weeks at the end on 2016.

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