Emo-rock underdogs Halcyon Hope have launched a new single , which premiered exclusively through UK music magazine AlreadyHeard.com. The new song ‘Against The Wall’ is the opening track from the upcoming full-length album ‘Onward To Fracture Town’.

Speaking to AlreadyHeard in an interview, bassist/singer Nicolaj Rosander said this about the song:

“Lyrically we set out to write about a positive topic, so it ended up being a kind of love song. Not necessarily a love song about a person, it could also be anything else in your life that you love. I think the song really nails that “punch-in-the-stomach”-feeling that you experience when you fall in love with something or someone. That feeling of not being in control, but still enjoying every moment of it.”

Through the song’s music video, curious listeners have the opportunity to get to know the band, following them around in a day in the life in their hometown.

The song itself is available on all streaming services by the time you read this. At the same time as the single release, the band is also revealing the first look at the cover of the upcoming album, as can be seen below.

The album, ‘Onward To Fracture Town’, offers an infectious and open-hearted blend of emo-rock, alternative rock and pop-punk, with the band listing names like Taking Back Sunday, Brand New and Foo Fighters among their influences. The record is released in collaboration with Prime Collective on October 7th, and the band – fresh off a tour in Europe – will be announcing even more mainland shows very soon.

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