Confronted are one of the most “full on” bands to come out of the south coast of the United Kingdom at the moment. The Worthing/Chichester crossover acts have been terrorizing local venues with their chaotic performances; frontman Ryan Hull would either climb the bar or get up in your grill and the guitarists would follow him into the crowd to get close and personal. There would be blood, broken floor toms and a combined audience reaction of amazement and fear. This is every Confronted show, topped off usually by a medley cover of Soulfly’s ‘Seek’n’Strike’ and Slipknot‘s ‘Blister Exists’

Speaking to Ryan Hull about the formation of ConfrontedThe band started when I met Jhon the bassist back in 2013.” He explained that over the years they would try to secure new members over time, but it wasn’t until 2016 that things started to truly take shape. “We played a few shows, then changed the line up again in early 2017. It’s no big love story. The goal was to just play shows and make them as crazy as we can to stand out.”

Since the start of the year, Confronted has really made a name for themselves in the hardcore and metal scenes along the south coast, sharing stages with the likes of Ariandelle, King Leviathan, Terraborm, Isles, Hawka, Brutality Will Prevail, Core of iO and Negative Measures. This has pushed Confronted to get selected to play multiple Mammothfest events, along with regular shows at Worthing’s popular Bar 42 venue. Mammothfest was a huge deal for us. The Brutality Will Prevail show and then returning for the main festival. It’s such a humbling feeling when people get us, some people think we are too much live, but the Mammothfest crew and fans get what we are about.”

Even with the chaotic performances they show, almost putting their own bodies at risk, they wouldn’t have it any other way. “Playing shows is the best moment for me and just seeing everyone’s reaction to our stage show is funny to see.”  Yet that hasn’t stopped the controversy as some crowds and other bands have flat out argued with Confronted that they take it too far with their more than wild live atmosphere, we’re guessing they these people have never how crazy things got when The Chariot played.

Things started out a bit slow in the Confronted camp, but they have taken 2017 by the horns, “we are all in a good place right now, the past few shows have gone so well so we plan to be a lot more active now and get our bums into gear”. The plan now is to get a new ep out by early 2018 and play a lot more shows.

For now you can check out their last EP, here


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