Have You Heard? Counterpoint

Hailing from Manchester, Alt rock quartet Counterpoint was created in 2015 from the embers of vocalist Dominic Lucock and guitarist Martin O’Neil‘s old band Operation: AEON, as they searched for a sound they preferred.

The band have just released their debut EP ‘If Not Now, When?‘, and it’s totally worth a listen. Have a little look at the artwork below.


In the build up to the release, the band revealed new single ‘Leave It All Behind‘ – check out the video here:

We caught up with the band to find out all about the new release, working with Jim Pinder and moshing to Power Rangers!

Broken Arrow: For those who haven’t yet heard of you, can you tell us a bit about Counterpoint?

Counterpoint: Then where have you been guys? We are an Alt rock 4 piece from Manchester with a 2000’s era sound.

Broken Arrow: You’ve been compared to the likes of Papa Roach, Deftones and While She Sleeps – who were your biggest influences growing up?

Counterpoint: Anyone who sounded like wrestling themes, so Saliva, Thrice, Glassjaw…

Broken Arrow: You’ve jut released your debut EP ‘If Not Now, When?’. How do you feel about showcasing the EP to your fans?

It’s a solid body of work that we just poured everything into. We know there’s something in it for everyone; bit of riffs, bit of mosh, bit of singing.

Broken Arrow: What can we expect from the EP?

Counterpoint: Expect to maybe hear something a little different, changing time signatures, heavy riffs, sung choruses…

Broken Arrow: You caught the eye of esteemed Producer Jim Pinder (Bullet For My Valentine), who wanted to work with you on the EP – that must have been pretty surreal, right?

Counterpoint: Absolutely nuts, Treehouse Studios is next level and honestly, we wouldn’t even consider anywhere else.

Broken Arrow: What other surreal moments have you experienced as a band?

Counterpoint: We were playing a show and 5 people came storming in as power rangers, we instantly broke into the power rangers theme song on guitar and moshed. It was amazing!

Broken Arrow: You recently supported Crazy Town – who else is on your bucket list of bands to support in the future?

Counterpoint: WSS, Papa Roach and Billy Talent

Broken Arrow: You’ve just dropped the new track ‘Leave It All Behind’ – what’s the song all about?

Counterpoint: It’s just a way of saying be brave and believe in yourself…

Broken Arrow: Lastly, what can we expect from Counterpoint for 2018?

Counterpoint: Expect to see us up and down the UK as of March! Pushing the life out of this CD – cheers guys!

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