Since their formation in 2012, Norwich-based act Synaptik has been leading their assault on the senses and have built quite the reputation with the original release of their debut and powerhouse live performances. The British heavy metal five-piece hailing from the east coast of England have an impressive sound that combines thrash, power and progressive elements, colliding to create their own unique sound.

2017 is set to be an incredibly busy year for Synaptik, not only are they re-releasing their first album, ‘The Mechanisms of Consequence’ in a heavier format than when they first released it, but they are releasing a second album, ‘Justify & Reason’ just a couple of months later. Some might call that unorthodox timing, but this has given the band the option to release a limited supply of double albums featuring both releases.

In 2014, ‘The Mechanisms of Consequence’ received rave reviews when it was first released, but the decision came to re-release the debut album during the process of recording it’s follow up. The band was so impressed with how the new album sounded, It sounded much “bigger”, and the comment came in that this is how the debut should have sounded.

Vocalist John Knight commented:

“Due to the circumstances when we recorded the debut, we weren’t able to have a real input into the final sound and time was running out. We were all happy with the songs but it didn’t seem to fully capture Synaptik’s sound. When we played live, people were saying we sounded like a different band, a lot heavier. The reviews were amazing though and we focussed on the new album and learnt from mistakes.

“When I played a track from the new album to my friend Fabian who owns a studio in Germany, he suggested we send him the files and he’d see what he could do. Then he sent back one of the older tracks and it was as if a new lease of life had been breathed into the songs. They were closer to our new sound than ever. When talking to labels about our new album, the debut album was mentioned and I suggested a couple as bonus tracks. The idea went down well and eventually, the whole album was sent for remixing and remastering. We have moved on from a few of the songs on this debut I am still proud to finally have them heard with more balls and fuller sound. It will be a great new calling card for our imminent second opus”

The focus is now on the new release, which shows a continuing progression and maturity of songwriting, further channelling their unique blend of melody, aggression and technical ability. Synaptik creates a sound that makes them stand out from a crowd without ever alienating the listener. ‘Justify & Reason’ promises to be heavier and faster than ever before, whilst still embracing the progressive dynamics that Synaptik is known for. The quintet ensures that each song has its own intricate sound that remains attentive to Melody.

For a taster of what to expect from the band’s forthcoming new album, check out the video for  ‘ESC CTRL’

The special remix edition by Brian Spark will be available digitally worldwide on January 30th, 2017 via DeFox Records/Heart of Steel Records on all major outlets including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, iHeart Radio and more.

Justify & Reason’ will be released on 10th March 2017 in the UK via The Snakes on Fire Records. In the United States, the album will be released as a double album with the remix album as a bonus disc, this will be released by Divebomb Records at The first pre-orders for this collection will be available on February 1st 2017 from the band’s website:

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