Have Your Heard? TALCO

The Italian ska-punk six-piece have conquered mainland Europe and will tour the UK this coming Autumn in support of the release of their album, ‘Silent Town’, which is out on September 16th. While that album was released last year originally, it is being released in the UK for the first time next month.

‘Silent Town’, released via Kasba Music, is a concept album which brings together an astonishing breadth of work by closing the trilogy of musical, political and social commentary that started with previous releases ‘La Cretina Comedia’ and ‘Gran Galà’. One thing that might hold you back from realising that is all the lyrics are in Italian. Have fun trying to figure that one out.

But ignoring that, TALCO produce a wave of incredibly fun and energetic ska-punk that will have anybody dancing around whether they can understand the words or not. We recently caught the Italians at Boomtown as they headlined the Devil Kicks Dancehall stage on the Thursday night.  They had the whole tent skanking around.


The album sees TALCO revitalised and on top form, taking its title from vocalist Dema’s book of the same name, bringing together a mixture of themes ranging from political issues to a global decline in culture and historical memory. It’s a book that tells, both metaphorically and through magic realism, the history of a devastated country that is destined to repeat its own mistakes. This is where the core concept of ‘Silent Town’ is born; a city in silence that seems forgotten by the rest of the world, but remains happy in its own small bubble.

Eagerly awaiting the UK release of ‘Silent Town’, in the process, the band have managed to smash their own genre boundaries and become one of the leading European Ska-Punk bands in the world. Following its European release in November 2015, the band successfully toured throughout Europe, including appearances in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and more.


‘Silent Town’ tracklist

  1. Il Tempo
  2.  Neverdad
  3. Sombra
  4. Nel Varieta
  5. Rotolando
  6. Silent Town
  7. Via Da Qui
  8. Intermondo
  9. Dalla Pallido Miro
  10. Nella Strada
  11. Ovunque
  12. Malandia

You can view the video for Dalla Pallido Miro’ below

After the release of ‘Silent Town’, TALCO will play the following dates to promote the album.

30th Bristol, PICKLE FACTORY

1st Bridgewater, COBBLESTONES
6th London, NEW CROSS INN
7th Norwich, OWL SANCTUARY
8th Kidderminster, BOARDS HEAD

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