Have You Heard? The Groezrock Special

Considering festival season is starting, we have decided to do a special “Have You Heard?” by listing a handful of bands that are playing at this year’s Groezrock Festival, which starts this Friday. The festival has some of the coolest and most popular bands in punk and hardcore, ranging from the likes of Rancid, Sum 41 and Less Than Jake to Hatebreed and Terror. But what about the lesser-known acts? Apart from the genre heavyweights, who should you be checking out?

The Bennies promo

The Bennies

First up it’s Aussie ska-punks The Bennies, who are obsessed with writing fun songs about getting high – no seriously, they are. Having just released their album ‘Wisdom Machine’ the Aussie lads have produced some of the most diverse ska-punk you’ll ever hear. It’s a mix of heavy reggae (which is actually a name of one their songs), pop-ska and erratic punk. The band even describe themselves as “Psychedelic Reggae Ska Doom Metal Punk Rock From Hell”. From that alone you can tell this is going to be a fun experience.


Broken Teeth Promo

Broken Teeth

Well, we’ve posted odd bits on Broken Teeth before – we’ve featured reviews of shows they have performed at. But the Manchester hardcore outfit is an essential watch as they look set to open up the Impericon Stage on Saturday. Broken Teeth are distinctively influenced by early 90s hardcore and thrash and this is showcased in their hooking riff work. Broken Teeth channel sounds that the likes of Hatebreed would have unleashed early on in their career while adding in that UK Beatdown brute attitude that can ignite some of the most violent mosh pits you’ll ever see. Look out for Broken Teeth‘s debut album ‘At Peace Amongst Chaos’ due out May 6th on Nuclear Blast Records.


The Falcon promo

The Falcon

Not many supergroups are as admired as The Falcon, yet at the same time, they seem to have escaped many punk fans radars, even though they have been around for over a decade. The Falcon features Brendan Kelly and Neil Hennessy from The Lawrence Arms, Dan Andriano from Alkaline Trio and Dave Hause of The Loved Ones in its current incarnation. That alone should hook in fans of mid-2000s Warped Tour punk. The supergroup produce songs that are high-energy and upbeat, varying between a fairly aggressive tone and a sombre attitude, creating a quiet/loud dynamic that’s rarely seen in punk rock outside Alkaline Trio albums.


Flatcat promo


Another band that isn’t exactly new, but deserves more recognition is Flatcat, who hail from the Belgian Bruges area. Flatcat emerged from the mid 90s Belgian punk rock scene, building a strong live reputation containing lots of humour in their sets, similar to the likes of Blink 182. This has gained the band more popularity than many of their peers. Expect fun times, high energy pop-punk/skate punk hits and lots of positives vibes from the Belgians.


Venerea promo


Swedish act Venerea were founded as a cover band as early as 1991 and influenced by 80s punk bands Bad Religion and Ramones. A couple of years into their career the band pushed to write punk songs that were of the same ilk as Black Flag but with a more NOFX style catchy influence added on top. Over the years Venerea have had a fluctuating rise and drop of popularity but that won’t stop the swedes from putting on one of the most energetic sets of the weekend.


All of these acts feature in our Groezrock Spotify playlist, which you can check out below: