Have You Heard? The Mothercraft

I’m trying something a little bit ‘unconventional’ this week. I am featuring a new band from Edmonton, Canada, The Mothercraft who have recently recorded their first E.P. The reason I say this is unconventional is because for a “Have You Heard” feature, there is actually only one track right now to hear.

Their brand new single ‘Moonrider’ was released on 12th November and is a behemoth of a track. There are so many elements that make it great, such as the very Sabbath-esque intro and Ozzy vocal style, which could be argued has been played out, but when you add the cauldron progressive elements from bands like The Sword, sludged out breakdowns akin to The Sleep with those gargantuan bass tones and thrash-y Orange Goblin grooves, when you come out the other end of this 05:22” trip you’ll be clamouring for more.

Here’s the bad news, for fans of this track, you have to wait until 2016 to hear their first E.P. ‘Pillars’, but the good news? 2016 is less than 2 months away, and I’m sure between now and then we’ll get a new song to build more hype. God knows I’ll be plugging this to my friends until then. 

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Check out their first ever single ‘Moonrider‘ right here:

Be sure to show them your support, especially if you’re reading this in Canada! Help them establish a scene in Edmonton. It all starts with you engaging with the band.

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