Have You Heard? Valour

Kent 5-piece Valour deliver some of the freshest metallic hardcore released in recent years.  Crushing breakdowns and beautifully technical melodies within the music, accompanied with vocals that attack the ears with sheer and conviction.

Last year Valour released ‘The Long Road‘. While it isn’t the most original album I have heard, that doesn’t matter. Valour take the various formulas of metalcore that have worked best for other bands and use them to their advantage in perfecting their debut album.

Taking strong influences from other UK metalcore heavyweights While She Sleeps with technicality and melodies, Architects with brutal energy and Bring Me The Horizon’s gut busting grooves. In ‘Athena‘ taken from ‘The Long Road‘ you can hear those BMTH style riffs along with the Sleeps-esque gang vocals and melodies.  Definitely one to check out for fans of any of these bands and metalcore in general.

Listen to ‘Athena’ below:

Valour are headlining the ‘U Got No Fanz‘ UK tour with fellow Kent metallers Impuritas at the end of the month.


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Photo by Nathan Canty: www.nathancanty.co.uk