Have You Heard? Direct Hit

Blink 182 are clearly stealing all the headlines when it comes to the biggest pop punk album this summer, or perhaps even 2016. Milwaukee quartet, Direct Hit, however, might just pip them to the best sounding pop-punk album this year. Just a week before Blink 182‘s ‘California’ is set to be released, Direct Hit, who signed to Fat Wreck Chords earlier this year are about to unveil their third album ‘Wasted Mind’ on June 24th.

Direct Hit blends that same kind of fun pop-punk anthems with skate punk angst, fitting in perfectly with the likes of Blink 182, Sum 41 and New Found Glory during the early to mid-2000s. Even though they aren’t exactly old school, they unleash that nostalgic vibe that seems lost to bands within the pop-punk revival scene; such as The Story So Far and Neck Deep.

Direct Hit was founded in 2007 by singer/writer/guitarist Nick Woods and has for most of its existence featured a large, rotating cast of collaborators and musicians. The current lineup, including drummer Danny Walkowiak, bassist Steve Maury, and guitarist/singer Devon Kay, has remained consistent since 2013.

In the beginning, Woods had the idea of starting a pop-punk band that would release music in a manner that was little and often  He favoured consistent releases of short EPs in quick succession, instead of the slow and traditional approach of full-length records. From 2008 to 2010, Direct Hit released a series of five EPs for free online, in addition to a split 7″ with the band Mixtapes.

From 2011 to 2013, the band released ‘Domesplitter’, their debut full-length which collected ten re-recorded fan favourites from their previous releases. Direct Hit released five more splits with the likes of Tit Patrol, Jetty Boys, Hold Tight, The Haverchucks and Braver before returning to the studio to record their second full-length record. Brainless God’, released by Red Scare Industries.

This was a concept album described as a document of “the final days of a world staring down total nuclear Armageddon.” The album follows a serial killer and his would-be victim as the two escape a Satanic cult while trying to find truth and redemption.

Not only have Direct Hit played with a large collective of popular punk-rock acts; such as NOFX, Rise Against, A Wilhelm Scream, Dillinger Four, Good Riddance, The Suicide Machines, Off With Their Heads, The Flatliners, Red City Radio and Masked Intruder – but the band also set up and promote parties under the Who Cares Who moniker, and publish short movies, comics, and other media on the side.

All eyes are on the pop-punk world this summer with the biggest album in years on the verge of release. This is a great chance for Direct Hit to also get noticed in a major way, especially after signing to one of the biggest independent punk labels going.

Check out this amusing video for ‘Was it The Acid?’

‘Wasted Mind’ is out on June 24th via Fat Wreck Chords.

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