Have You Heard? Dull Knife 

Brighton two-piece Dull Knife are possibly one of the most original and engaging two piece rock bands to come out in recent years. Combining outlaw country melodies with gritty, in your face hard rock riffs akin to 90’s Alt rock and grunge, plus a measure of Psych thrown in for good measure. All these musical elements blended together make for a beautiful brew of music that will make fans of any genre turn their head when they hear them.

The musical pedigree of these two musicians should not be underestimated, either. After performing with legendary psychedelic rock band The Pretty Things on bass/drum duties respectively, George Woosey (guitar/vocals) and Jack Greenwood (drums) are looking to make their own path in the world with Dull Knife.

George Woosey’s guitar skills are varied and interesting, combining some soft finger style picking techniques with some ham-fisted power chords that explode in a live setting. Jack Greenwood’s drum skills emphasise the peaks and valleys of the songs wonderfully. You can check out a bunch of great live videos on the bands youtube page to see a number of examples. I personally caught the band live at The Albion in Hastings back in September and they blew me away with not only their impeccable musicianship and stage presence, but the sheer length of their set (over 1 and a half hours) that kept the crowd chanting and dancing the entire time. One of the highlights of their set was their cover of Johnny Cash’s infamous ‘Thirteen’. The type of rock they are bringing is an enormous breath of fresh air in a world of regurgitation and imitation.

The band are busy gigging throughout the rest of the year, so be sure to check if they are hitting a town (in the UK) near you. You can also check out their youtube channel on the link below, as well as their Facebook page and bandcamp, if you want to purchase some of their music. Throw them a like, a subscription or just tell us what you think of the band!

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