Have You Heard? Opium Lord

Hot on the heels of Mammothfest, which is based around various venues in Brighton and the best festival in the South of England for all things rock & metal, we thought it would be appropriate to feature one of the many great bands from the line-up.

This edition of Have You Heard features the vicious and unrelenting Opium Lord from what is largely considered to be the birthplace of heavy metal, Birmingham, England. Signed to Candlelight Records, Opium Lord brings a unique sound to the Doom/Sludge genre combining elements of a wide variety of influences to their sound including Black Metal Opium Lord do a good job at standing out amongst the influx of emerging Doom acts originating from the UK.

Since 2013, when they released debut EP ‘The Calendrical Cycle – Prologue: The Healer’ they have followed up with a full-length album carrying on the title concept for the 7 track album ‘The Calendrical Cycle: Eye of Earth’ that clocks in over 30 minutes long. The record challenges you in new ways, with the crushing weight of the opening riff on ‘Pink Mass’ that demands you to head bang, no matter where you are, or the dissonant and unpredictable album closer ‘Krocodil’.

Opium Lord followed up that album this year with a split EP with Churchburn from Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The EP is available from dgrecords.bigcartel.com


You can see Opium Lord live at Mammothfest on October 2nd at The Green Door Store with 12 other great bands from the Stoner/Doom genre. This will be our first time seeing the band live so you can expect to see a review and photo’s from the set after the show.

Stay tuned as we get closer to Mammothfest and we start revealing what bands we’re most interested in seeing throughout the massive three-day event.

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