Have You Heard? Pizzatramp

Pizzatramp are a hardcore punk trio from Wales who have, in the last year, become one of the most popular acts in the DIY punk scene in the United Kingdom after only forming in 2014. Towards the end of 2016, the punks released their third album, ‘Blowing Chunks’ through DIY punk label TNSRecords, which received rave reviews from press and punk fans alike, having been nominated as one of the best punk albums of 2016 by several critics in their top 10 lists.

The Welshmen unleash plenty of short songs, waves of fast punk rock blended with the aggressiveness of hardcore, striking a resemblance to the likes of Trash Talk and Revenge of the Psychotronic Man. Expect a lot of energy and a barrage of hard-hitting riffage.

The popularity of Pizzatramp has led the band to be featured on the lineups of a couple of festivals for 2017 already. One being the highly praised Manchester Punk Festival, which includes Strike AnywhereFaintest Idea and plenty of other coveted acts. Another festival is Wotsit Called Fest, which has just announced The Restarts as one of the headliners and is sure to be a highlight of the UK’s DIY punk scene this year.

In just a couple of months – following the release of ‘Blowing Chunks‘ – on January 25th, the band will be re-releasing their debut EP, ‘Two Quid Ten Minutes’, which as you can guess is an EP that’s ten minutes long and as cheap as two quid. You can pre-order a physical copy of the EP on Pizzatramp’s Bandcamp here.

You can check out the video for Claire Voyant, taken from ‘Two Quid Ten Minutes’ below

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