Have You Heard? The Empty Page

If you could take some of the best aspects of 80’s and early 90’s alternative rock, catapult them forwards 20-30 years in a world where only flat peak baseball caps and flesh holes are relevant to the modern age of rock and metal fans, would anybody care? Maybe not. But that hasn’t stopped The Empty Page from producing a stellar 10 track record. Singer Kelii Compulsive provides highly contagious vocal melodies that soar and adds immense charm to the group. The guitars range between clever chord changes to crushing heavy chord progressions in expert fashion. Calling this group refreshing in a world of regurgitated bullshit (especially in the rock and metal world) would be an understatement.

What these Mancunians do best is provide some sensibilities from a strong pedigree of influences such as the expert pop/alt/rock songwriting craftsmanship of The Smiths, Manic Street Preachers and Joy Division.  But, they seamlessly blend it with heavy sonic sounds of bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Mudhoney and The Pixies. It makes for a perfect storm of music with the addition of Kelii‘s vocals. The best example I could give right now would be their single ‘Deeply Unlovable‘ which you can check out below:

The Empty Page are building up to the release of their debut record, and as described in their bio there’s a pretty cool story behind it.

“Legendary producer Gggarth Richardson (of Biffy Clyro, Melvins and Rage Against The Machine fame) heard their rough demos ‘The Ancoats Sessions’. He asked them to pay him a visit in his forest studio in Canada to record their forthcoming debut album. The band were keen to record the album in a short space of time to retain a sense of playing live in a room and to not spend too much time polishing and perfecting things. The result is a warm, honest collection of songs from the heart with barely a whiff of the tinny, processed, squeaky-cleanness of many a modern rock band’s sound but instead with a welcome amount of grit that has been sorely missed in music of late.”

You can purchase The Empty Page’s first single ‘Deeply Unlovable‘ from their website, and get more information on the band via: http://www.theemptypageband.com/

Their debut album ‘Unfolding‘ is slated for release via their PledgeMusic campaign on October 17th 2016. Different pledge’s are still available with a massive variety of different exclusive items from the band such as album release tickets, signed vinyls & even an acoustic set in your house!

If you like what you hear from The Empty Page support them via their Pledge campaign, share the music and tell them what you think of their songs!

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