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Have a listen to: "Downshifter" and "Agent Orange"

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Heaven Shall Burn – Wanderer

Release Date: 16th September 2016
Century Media Records
Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/wanderer/id1133245402

Heaven Shall Burn are a German Extreme/Death Metal band, releasing their eighth studio album through Century Media Records. Heaven Shall Burn have been quiet over the past 3 years since their last release, only doing tours every now and then, which left fans wondering what was going on – but Heaven Shall Burn are back with a new record and they’re better than ever.

What you can tell from listening to ‘Wanderer’ is that it shows how far this band has come with the music, songwriting and passion they put into the sort of genre they play. Not a lot has changed in the genre they play but they still pull it off, ensuring that Extreme/Death Metal is still out there and kicking ass. We’re shown at the start of ‘Wanderer this loss trance of music, then it kicks off with fast groovy drums and melodic riffs. Marcus Bischoff’s powerful vocals and screams come in, showing that Heaven Shall Burn are back and meaning business. ‘Bring The War Home is the second track that kicks off the album and keeps the heaviness of death metal going strong.

Passage Of The Crane switches to more melodic death metal but still keeps that punch of heaviness – just a little more melodic with screams to keep this album going strong. ‘They Shall Not Pass brings us that old school death metal-mixed-with-melodic death metal. This songs sounds like it came out of 2003, when old school death metal mixed with melodic death metal was a making a name – I have to say, this album has certainly kept me and other fans impressed so far.

Downshifter is for the fans because it sounds like a kick pumping classic from Heaven Shall Burn. This one is for the fans like me, to prove that they’re back in the game. ‘Prey To God is more of a sped up song – pure old school death metal like Cannibal Corpse mixed with Heaven Shall Burn. The band are definitely showing fans that they’re not messing around and they have something to prove.  

Agent Orange is a cover of classic Black/Death Metal band Sodom. Fans will be impressed with this one for sure as it is basically Heaven Shall Burn’s take on this classic song which blew me away. ‘My Heart is A Compass is a chilled song with melodic guitar riffs and the wind whistling in the background which gives off that raw and toned down melodic vibe within this short song.

The album closer ‘The Cry Of Mankind is a much more slowed down song, which brings chills to the bone. It goes to show that Heaven Shall Burn are still on top of the game and I feel that this final track would definitely be perfect to either open or close their live shows.

Heaven Shall Burn are back and better than ever, proving they are still one of the top bands in this genre. This album will bring new and old fans; old fans will love this album as it shows the band have still got it and for new fans, Heaven Shall Burn will blow their minds with how impressive and musically passionate ‘Wanderer‘ is.

For Fans of: Arch Enemy, Sonic Syndicate, Hypocrisy

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