It’s the Hundredth news you’ve all been waiting for!

The band recently announced their brand new, upcoming album ‘FREE‘, which will be released June 12th, via Hopeless Records/Unified, and have since debuted the official music video for ‘Unravel‘.

“Our goal with ‘FREE‘ was to combine all of the elements of Hundredth into one release without hindering progression,” states vocalist, Chad Johnson. “The outcome is by far our best release. We ventured out vocally, which truly elevated the sound of this record. These are some of the best songs we’ve ever written and this record is sonically superior to anything we’ve ever done.”

Watch the video for ‘Unravel‘ here:

Hundredth are currently on tour in the UK, and are performing the entire Vans Warped Tour this Summer!


Hundredth – Free

1. ///
2. Unravel
3. Inside Out
4. Break Free
5. Isolation
6. Beggar
7. See Beyond
8. Daze
9. Reach
10. Delusion
11. Burdens