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I Cried Wolf – Hollow Heart

Release Date: 11th September 2015
Crooked Noise Records

Ever wondered how Bring Me The Horizon may have sounded in their early years, if they started out with their current alternative heavy rock style instead of their bruising deathcore? Well I Cried Wolf seem to have the answer. The Banbury lads have released a 5 track monster in their latest EP ‘Hollow Heart’, which seems heavily influenced by the modern era of BMTH mixed with twinges of Architects and Every Time I Die.

Unleashing a wave of dirty distorted riffs and very modern Oli Sykes-esque vocals layered on top, opening track ‘Scratching My Head With Ink’ kicks the EP off with a bang and leads into a ferocious onslaught on the ears for the most part. This is pretty much the tone set for the next 20 minutes. ‘Massokiss Me’ takes an even further step towards that BMTH influence by using a very similar vocal rhythm to ‘Anti-Vist’ while the ending of the song resembles the dramatic and rather anthemic end to Architects song ‘Day In, Day Out’.

Hollow Heart’ is a nice little taster of what is to come from the  5-piece. I Cried Wolf show some great technicality in their video track ‘Kensopia’ whilst everything else is delivered with incredible intensity. The gut crushing breakdowns, earth shattering vocals and aggressive drums are the backbone that drives the EP, while minor additions of the southern rock-esque riffs and occasional softer melodies as cameos which show they are not all one dimensional.

While the strong influence of some of the UK’s biggest rock and metal bands may be what lures some fans in, it will be interesting to see how I Cried Wolf can develop further into their own style with future releases.


For Fans Of: Bring Me The Horizons, Architects, Every Time I Die