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For I Am King – Daemons

Release Date: 17th June 2016

Redfield Records

iTunes: http://tinyurl.com/zs3ma3v

While I once considered myself quite the metal fan, in the last five or so years my tastes have shifted further from it and more towards punk and hardcore. One reason is most metal albums in that time period haven’t impressed me as much as they did in the 00s. Bands that I once listened to on repeat started to produce albums that just didn’t hook me in. For I Am King, however, has just sparked some new life into my love for modern metal with their latest album, ‘Daemons’.

Even though the Dutch act are pigeon-holed with metalcore acts, there is certainly a much stronger Melo-death metal influence to the band. Either way, For I Am King has come out of nowhere and punched me in the face to grab my attention. Opener track ‘Black Death’ instantly breaths intensity, after a brief melodic piano intro acts like the calm before the storm. The blast beats then kick in, the riffs kick your ass and Alma Alizadeh’s vicious growls lay somewhere between Angela Gossow’s (ex-Arch Enemy) and John Henry’s (Darkest Hour), they truly are savage in the best way.

Musically the balance of heavy and melodic remains similar to both of those bands too. The backbone of each song is laced with earth shattering grooves, ear-pricking guitar melodies/solos layered on top and a barrage of drums with mind blow double pedal blasts. What helps is that when it goes heavy, the intensity is a full blast onslaught and when the melodics want to shine then the tempo slows down and the mood is somewhat soothing and you can just drift off into the solos. The calmer segments in ‘The Crone’ and ‘Lost In Divinity’ stand out as mesmerising.

‘Tantalus’ has one of the coolest intros I’ve heard in a while. A barrage of breakdowns set a brutal atmosphere, though they are swiftly followed by an upbeat fiddly guitar segment shifting the mood. Alizadeh’s savage vocals soon kick in and throughout the song the mood shifts from ass kicker to mind blower. You either want to destroy your surrounding or just sit back and take in the incredible musicianship on show.

The paradigm of the album barely shifts from this. ‘Daemons’ is full of pit starting anthems and pure headbangers as well as hits for the air guitarists and drummers out there. For I Am King have truly come out with full force to put their stamp on the metal scene. It’s rare that I hear a modern metal band sound so intense. ‘Daemon’ shouts for people to take notice, and you should.

For fans of: Arch Enemy, Darkest Hour, In Flames, The Agonist

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