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Imbium plus Gloo, Tony Blair Witch Projekt
Date: 23rd March 2016
Venue: Green Door Store, Brighton

Packed into the tiny, seemingly underground, venue that is Green Door Store in Brighton I positioned myself in the corner, notebook in hand and donned my ‘pretentious journo’ vibe ready to experience Imbiums first headline gig in two months.

The exposed brick walls were dripping with sweat and excitement after an energetic set from pop-punk ravers Tony Blair Witch Projekt and fellow local rockers Gloo. As the lights went down and the  buzz of slightly drunken chatter faded, Beethoven’s ‘Für Elise‘ greeted us followed by the 4 skinny jean clad band members holding hands and twirling onto the stage. After several minutes of faux ballet and over the top picking up of instruments, guitarist Hayden quipped ‘it’s a 30 minute piece, you know!’ and with the laughter that followed they launched straight into ‘Berserka, the intro track from their latest EP ‘Part 2: Lonely Planets‘.

It was an enthusiastic set with many songs bleeding straight into the next, barely a moment to recover from any sort of post song daze, sprinkled with some inter-band banter and a smattering of ridiculous stories, mainly from Hayden. Frontman Matt shifted between bouncy hip thrusts into the mic and running his hands through his carefully coiffed quiff. Drummer Joe and bassist Scott seemed to have taken inspiration form their ballet days and synched themselves together nicely bringing the rhythm section of the band to the forefront.

After what seemed nowhere NEAR long enough the band were approaching the end of their set. They were met with a chorus of “awhs” at the announcement that this will be their last song and shower the audience in sincere gratitude for coming out of a cold Tuesday night before launching into their tried and tested cover of Green Days ‘Fuck Time‘. The crowd went wild for it with some previously cool and detached hipster girls throwing away their inhibitions and screaming their love at the four local lads on stage.

The whole night was a blast; seeing local or unsigned bands is always hit or miss and the Brighton band scene is so incredibly diluted it’s hard to wade through the many fringes and tight jeans carrying guitars on their backs, but take it from me, Imbium were well worth the bargain entry price!


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