The new album from In Hearts Wake ‘Skydancer’ will be released on May 5th via UNFD.

The guys have treated us to a music video for the first track off of their upcoming album.

Watch ‘Breakaway’ here:

If that isn’t enough In Hearts Wake news for you, there is also a documentary of the creation of the album available now at!

‘Skydancer’ is very different from your average album. It’s the second half of a secret project that was created back in 2013. The first half of the project was the award winning ‘Earthwalker’.

Frontman Jake Taylor says about the project, “Many indigenous cultures believed that the human body was a bridge between Mother Earth and Father Sky. One could not exist without the other, and therefore everything was one. To me, the essence of these two divine energies could be seen even within my own parents, and I felt like I was the product of both.”

We are really looking forward to this release!f34defa3-885e-4739-9946-1404b6a8e876In Hearts Wake – Skydancer

1. Aether
2. Skydancer (feat. Jonathan Vigil)
3. Breakaway
4. Badlands
5. Insomnia
6. Oblivion
7. Wildfire
8. Cottonmouth
9. Erase (feat. Ben Marvin & J Hurley)
10. Intrepid (feat. Marcus Bridge)
11. Father

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