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Have a listen to: "Erase" and "Skydancer"

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In Hearts Wake – Skydancer

Release Date: 4th May 2015

Upon hearing the announcement of this release I had some initial excitement, though I can say after one listen, I noticed no real progression from In Hearts Wake’s sound from their both previous albums ‘Earthwalker‘ (2014) and ‘Divination‘ (2012). This can be slightly forgiven by the fact that vocalist Jake Taylor has stated the songs from ‘Skydancer‘ were actually recorded at the same time as ‘Earthwalker‘, essentially making it the later release of a 2-part album.

Just like on the previous releases, the Byron Bay bruisers unleash some of the deepest breakdown in the metalcore scene, accompanied by harsh vocals that make Jake Taylor sound like he has swallowed a pint of gravel. It is impressively mixed and seems well balanced out by Kyle Erich’s clean vocals. This vocal match up fits the rather common good cop, bad cop style vocal switch between harsh and clean vocals shown in modern metalcore, though never quite as impressive as the likes of Underoath and Atreyu. On top of this the melodies are soft and easy to drift away in, when not focusing on the sheer brutality that In Hearts Wake unleash.

Known to have a few guests on the odd track, UK tech metallers Hacktivist lend their voices to track ‘Erase‘. J Hurley provides his rap grooves while Ben Marvin counters with very hoarse vocals. On top of that, new Northlane vocalist Marcus Bridge offers his awesome singing voice to ‘Intrepid‘, but the biggest name is Jonathan Vigil of The Ghost Inside, who helps out on title track ‘Skydancer‘.

The guest appearances are really the only stand out moments on the album; there are no single stand out tracks like on previous albums that make my hairs stand on end. There is only the odd absolutely killer breakdown and really impressive solo guitar technique. Quite frankly if I heard any track from ‘Skydancer‘ I wouldn’t be able to tell you if it was from this album or any of the others – it is still quite distinctively In Hearts Wake though. Worth a listen if you like metalcore / are a fan of The Ghost Inside, Confession, or Parkway Drive.