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Indominus – Legion Within

Release Date: 2nd September 2016
Roxx Productions
Bandcamp: https://indominus.bandcamp.com/releases

Meet Indominus from Belfast, they are a newly formed Death Metal band, but they are here to make a statement with their debut release, ‘Legion Within’. Technically that’s true and not true at the same time. Indominus is actually the evolution of a previous death metal act, adding in a new rhythm guitarist, drummer and changing their name, essentially becoming a new band at the beginning of 2016. Indominus push an “in your face” attitude from the get-go, delivering evil sounds with relentless energy and immense talent. The band don’t piss around with the high-tempo opener track ‘Leeches’. Teasingly nasty riff work with the first of many intense fiddly guitar melodies layered on top before an onslaught of double pedalling attacks your ears. As soon as that kicks in, the tempo raises immensely and it’s like a brutal punch in the face.  If this song doesn’t grab your attention nothing will.

The vocals are dual layered, Indominus deliver a mixture of higher pitched harsh screeches and deeper sounding growls to match the band’s forceful sound. The opener was all about being extreme, showcasing the band’s intricacy in the melodies and how intense the drumming can be, and it works. ‘Backbone’ however slows down the tempo a tiny bit to start with. The meaty riffs and down-tuned strings flood the intro enough for a steady headbang, and the grooves kick in for a mixed era Sepultura vibe, think of both the thrash and groove sides colliding. The chunky riff work dominates this one as well as the vocalist’s channelling of Phil Anselmo‘s bruteness. Towards the end the extreme attitude returns, the dynamic of the song really flows with the drumming as it becomes a lot more erratic.

‘Shadow’ is an odd one as about twenty seconds in I hear the sort of grooves I expect to hear from a hardcore band, they are even met with the half beat drumming to incite two-stepping. Though, shortly before the minute mark, the “metal” mode kicks in with some beautiful guitar melodies. Before now I didn’t really pick up on the melodic death metal describtion in the band’s bio, but the teasingly evil melodic segment is quite beautiful, even if somewhat dark. It then leads into a full on headbang fest; double pedals and more of those endless meaty riffs. It will surely get those neck muscles working. It’s a ferocious beast of a song that showcases a variety of influences again – hardcore, death metal, groove metal and thrash can all be heard in the mix

The last couple of tracks pick up with that extreme sound again. ‘Fragile Existence’ for one is a shorter song with just a couple of minutes, unleashing a crap load of frantic drumming. More of the evil guitar melodies placed on top of equally erratic and chunky riffs. The vocals sound like the frontman is tearing is throat out. Title track ‘Legion Within’ then returns to that Melo-death influence with a beautifully melodic intro. It then evolves into yet another headbanger with a sea of double beat blasts and meat and potatoes style riffs.

For a debut release, Indominus have unveiled an EP with quality that matches some of metal’s elites in terms of talent and attitude. ‘Legion Within’ is darker than hell, with segments that you just can’t ignore banging your head. There are also moments where the music is so frantic and extreme you just don’t know what the fuck is happening. The drumming and guitar work are out of this world. When I picture this being performed live, I’m thinking of long hair flailing and windmilling, pits galore, perhaps a few broken noses. It’s the sort of metal release that will appeal to fans of various subgenres. Keep that shit coming.

For fans of: Lamb of God, Sepultura, Arch Enemy

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