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Infest 2016 – Enslavement plus To Obey a Tyrant, Gomorrah, Visions of Disfigurement, A Trust Unclean, Shattered Horizons, Human Error, Within Destruction and Begging For Incest.

Venue: The Green Door Store, Brighton

Date: November 13th, 2016  

It was a bitter and cold late afternoon/evening in Brighton and I was lucky enough to witness a whole six and a half hours of Slam and Death Metal. I could tell it was going to be an incredibly fun evening of pure brutality. Unfortunately, two bands had to drop out but it was still a killer line-up.

So kicking off the late afternoon was Enslavement, a local, pure death metal band. Mixing groovy riffs with traditional Death Metal, Slam Metal and heavy based drums, these guys managed to get the crowd going, leaving us hyped for the other bands.  On next was To Obey A Tyrant, a deathcore band from Bournemouth. With monstrous vocals similar to Thy Art Is Murder. The band unleashed pure breakdowns which had the crowd moshing early on.

Gomorrah, a deathcore band from Crawley swiftly followed, this was the second time I managed to catch the band. People started getting into the swing of things a bit more, their song, ‘Keeper’ pushed the crowd to get lively. It got some people two-stepping and moshing around. The performance was pure growls, heavy “in your face” vocals, breakdowns, tasty riffs and mind blowing drums. the Crawley lads had a good set

death metal

Gomorrah – Photo taken by Luke Bateman

On next was Visions of Disfigurement, they are a Slamming Death Metal band from Manchester. I didn’t catch all of their set, but what I could hear was brutal; groovy riffs, neck-breaking beatdowns and insane drums. Oxford, tech-death metallers A Trust Unclean had the crowd really moving with the next set. The lads unleashed insane riffs, heart pounding drums and fast aggressive vocals. This caused the crowd to get incredibly rowdy 

Up next was Scottish death metallers Shattered Horizons, who blend their sound with the darker sounds of deathcore they are a Death Metal/Deathcore band from Scotland. They had frantic riffs, mixed with bouncy drum work. The musicianship along with the heavy vocals had the pits flowing.

human error

Human Error – Photo taken by Luke Bateman

What followed was Human Error, who are a slamming Deathcore band with members from the UK and South Africa. They had high-tempo riffs, with drums that will make you bang your head. This combined with vicious vocals to get the crowd moving more and the mosh pit for these guys was insane and pure on.

Slovenian deathcore outfit Within Destruction, sound just like Ingested blended with Cannibal Corpse. It’s Slam metal and Death metal combined brilliantly. Their set was an onslaught of heavy riffs, ferocious shouts, and an array of hard hitting drums, they had a mental mosh pits throughout the performance as well. They were great to witness.

Begging For Incest

Begging For Incest – Photo taken by Luke Bateman

Begging for Incest closed the show with some style. They are a Death Metal Band from Germany, sounding like Six Feet Under meets Cannibal Corpse, it was amazing. One highlight of the set was when people started doing push-ups in the middle of the mosh pit. It was a crazy set and the Germans were a great headliner to finish off the night.

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