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Have a listen to: "All Now Are Wounds" and "In My Abysmal Dreams"

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Insanity Cult – Of Despair and Self Destruction

Release Date: 11th February 2017
Ogmios Underground
Bandcamp: https://insanitycult.bandcamp.com/

Hailing from Athens, Greece, Insanity Cult are a black metal band who have had me anticipating this release since their debut album ‘As My End Unfolds‘ came out back in April 2015 as it was so impressive.

They have recently eleased their second full length album via Ogmios Underground. Even though they stick to the original black metal formula, you can really hear the band combining their own unique sound. Drummer Beleth is insane; mixing fast and heavy with his own technique of drumming and vocalist Sacerilegious treats us to some classic black metal vocals.

Listening to this album, you can really notice some of the band’s influences, from Marduk, Rotting Christ to Darkthrone and Dark Funeral. A few of my favourite tracks on this album include ‘All Now Are Wound’s, Interlude‘, ‘The Bitter Wind Of Remembrance and the standout track for me which is  ‘In My Abysmal Dreams‘ ; a truly raw metal track.

Insanity Cult have impressed me once again and it’s safe to say that this album is already on my top for 2017. I would say this release is for any fan of the Dark Arts of extreme metal and black metal.

For Fans Of: Marduk, Rotting Christ, Darkthrone

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