In this month’s Inside The Industry feature I spoke to Seven Webster of 7PM Management (Worldwide manager of Skindred & The Qemists). Seven is no stranger to the music business having worked in the industry his whole life. He has launched the careers of numerous globally renowned hit artists across a spectrum of music ranging in style from DJ’s Sasha, Digweed & Carl Cox through to multi-million selling singer/songwriter Dido and hit producers StoneBridge and BT.

It’s the belief of many that the internet has “killed” the music industry. What do you think and how has the internet impacted upon your job in the Industry?

Seven: To quote Bob Dylan ‘The times they are a changing’. The internet has not killed the music industry, it has simply changed the rules. While physical CD revenues and earnings have massively decreased, music that would before of had trouble procuring release and travelling the globe can now find its way to market. A new unsigned band demoralised knocking on the door of a major record label to be turned away simply because they were not all good looking young lads and 16 years old can now release their music and find an audience regardless of age, weight or look.

I have bands that travel to the furthest reaches of the globe to play to audiences of thousands and while many have found the music free online they have still bought a concert ticket and therefore remunerated the band in different ways. Bands can now earn revenues in many ways from monetizing their YouTube channels properly through to understanding that they can directly sell music and merchandise direct to fans so building, marketing and managing their online fan base and capturing clean data is hugely important.

On June 8th and 9th I am hosting a rock music conference called Rockcomm in London where we will have a panel called, Taking Care of Business, which will cover specifically the above topics of how a band can monetize itself in the modern age. We will also have a special section on how to best earn monies from YouTube as well as many other topics. I am hosting it as much to learn and educate myself as to enjoy being  a part of business I have worked in all my life. The industry in my eyes needed a shake up and while the newer model does offer quantity over quality, quality still wins.

Music still has the power to affect us all and connect with us in ways we still do not properly understand. I continue to enjoy working in the business of music and great new music still resonates with me and excites me as much as the great bands and artists I grew up with. Everyday I find great new bands via the web that I would never of discovered before. Gone are the days of my postman carrying a bin liner of cassettes, CD’s and press kits. Thank God for YouTube and all the other platforms we get music from.

I am all about tomorrow and not one for wallowing in yesterday. 2015 is an exciting time for music and the business of music. I for one am enjoying seeing more great new bands and artists than ever before, most of which I have discovered via the internet.

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