“When I was a small child I was dancing on the table to ‘Rock You Like A Hurricane’ “

We caught up with Beyond The Black vocalist Jennifer Haben to talk touring with Scorpions,  surreal moments and the Internation release of ‘Lost In Forever‘…

Broken Arrow: Thank you for taking the time to chat to us and happy new year! For those that haven’t heard of you guys before, could you tell us a bit about Beyond The Black?

JH: Thank you very much! Happy new year to you, too! Beyond The Black is a symphonic metal band. That means: hard guitars with orchestral influences and, in our case, a female rock voice. The band was born in the middle of 2014, with our first show at Wacken – that still sounds really crazy for me! The last two and a half years we had many shows around Germany and now 2017 we have our first european tour with Epica and Powerwolf. The next step to bring our songs into the world. 😉

Broken Arrow: Who were each of your biggest influences growing up?

JH: I’ve listened to various genres since I was a child. When I was 9 years old I founded my first band. We played from AC/DC to Amy Winehouse to Whitney Houston. I have to say, Whitney Houston was one of my big favourites when I was a little child. I love women with powerful voices! I fell in love with Floor’s voice (Nightwish) when I heard her the first time! But also Queen is one of the bands that are very fascinating to me with the polyphony that runs through their songs.. really awesome! I think all of that influenced me.

Broken Arrow: You recently supported Scorpions on tour and you’re about to tour with Powerwolf and Epica, which is amazing. Who’s still on the bucket list of bands to support?

JH: I really have to say that so many things happened I could never dream of during the last two years. So I think it’s the best way to keep our eyes open and to look at what possibilities appear. That worked great in the past 😉

Broken Arrow: The Scorpions support slot was on their 50th Anniversary World Tour. How did that support slot come about? And what was your reaction at getting that opportunity?

JH: When I was a small child I was dancing on the table to ‘Rock You Like A Hurricane’. So when I heard that they were coming to Germany again – apart from the fact that their crowd is similar to ours – there was no question that we give it a shot! And we’re very happy to have such a good team around us that had the right touch in putting this together!

“You haven’t even have released one track and you are standing at one of the stages of the world’s biggest metal festival, Wacken. I think that has to be the most surreal moment of your life..”

Broken Arrow: Are you planning to do any festivals this year?

JH: Yeah! Apart from Wacken, we are planning festivals in and outside Europe! But unfortunately we can’t say anything more about it at the moment. Maybe at our next interview 😉

Broken Arrow: What has been your most surreal experience as a band so far?

JH: The most surreal experience? That’s difficult when your career is composed of surreal experiences ?. But I think the absolutely strangest thing is, when you never played a show before, you haven’t even have released one track and you are standing at one of the stages of the world’s biggest metal festival, Wacken. I think that has to be the most surreal moment of your life..

Broken Arrow: You’re about to release an International Edition of ‘Lost In Forever’ which contains a handful of bonus tracks – what made you guys decide to release this?

JH: Until now we never released out of the german speaking area. The last year we got an international Label deal with UDR/Warner and we’re very happy to be able to send our music to the world now. To celebrate this we decided to throw out a reissue of ‘Lost in Forever’ that reflects the current status of Beyond The Black. The bonus tracks were created during the last year and for us they were ready to get released and primarily to be played live! Why not put it on that album then? 😉

Broken Arrow: Which track/s of the album do you enjoy playing live/which get the biggest response from fans?

JH: I truly enjoy every song we play! But if you ask what I prefer the most at the moment..hm… That always changes, but at the moment ‘The Other Side’ (one of the four new songs) is one of my absolute favourites! We played it last November in the set of our 4 Headline-Shows as a special for our fans. That was really awesome! It’s one of the songs that you play just for yourself. In other words for me it’s such an artistic song with so much atmosphere. Much different than the other songs of BTB. I think it’s not a song for everyone, you have to get yourself into it a little. But if you do this it will carry you along! That’s why I love it.
I think, the biggest response we get from the fans is during our singles like ‘Written in Blood’ and ‘Lost in Forever’, but also other songs. I can’t really say what they like the most, they sing along to almost every song 🙂

Broken Arrow: What was the recording process like for ‘Lost In Forever’? Did one person take the lead or was it a joint effort?

JH: The first part was recorded during our tour in November 2015. Two weeks before and one after the tour. Some things even were recorded on the tourbus to handle the deadline. That was easier with the four special tracks. We didn’t really have a deadline back then, we just wrote songs and they just were ready to be released.
The last three years I was the one that took the lead, but at the moment there are great ideas from the rest of the band for some new things. That will be awesome in the future, I hope!

Broken Arrow: Did you guys get up to anything exciting for Christmas and New Year?

JH: Not for christmas. That’s the time for our family and close friends. That’s very important when you are traveling that much. I’m a big family person! So that’s even more important for me. At New Years Eve almost all of the band came to my home, with some pizza, chocolate fountain and SingStar. Okay, that sounds a little bit nerdy, but trust me, we had a lot of fun! 😀

Broken Arrow: Lastly, what else can we expect from Beyond The Black in 2017?

JH: Hopefully many festivals and other shows around Europe. We have many things in the pipeline! We wanna get to know every fan out there and are very curious how BTB will come across in the other countries!
Thank you very much for your interest and best wishes from Germany! ??

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