In a very short time, metalcore lads Confessions Of A Traitor have supported a whole host of bands such as Bury Tomorrow and Gallows and recently released their new EP ‘Illuminate‘. It’s clear from listening to the EP that these guys are onto something big. We caught up with the band to talk influences, touring Spain and a love of…cats?

Broken Arrow: Thankyou for taking the time to chat to us. For those that haven’t heard of you guys before, could you tell us a bit about Confessions Of A Traitor?

COAT: We are a Metalcore/Hardcore band hailing from London. We are all about our fans enjoying every song and we love people to go away from our shows mentally and physically tired.

Broken Arrow:You take influence from a range of different artists – can you tell us which ones and what it is about those artists that has helped influence you?

COAT: We really do take influence from a lot of different bands and genres, Direct influences would include bands like Texas In July, While She Sleeps, As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red, Parkway Drive and KillSwitch Engage. We are very lucky to have shared the stage with Texas In July before they broke up in the summer last year. Don’t get Steve started on his vocal duet (and bromance) with JT!

Broken Arrow: You’ve supported some huge names, such as Bury Tomorrow, Gallows and Hacktivist – who’s next on the bucket list of bands to support?

COAT: Included in that list, we have been main support to Upon A  Burning Body and Texas in July in Europe last year for 3 weeks. From the UK scene a band who have huge influence on us live and musically would be While She Sleeps. Collectively, the bucket list though would include Parkway Drive, Northlane and In Hearts Wake. PD are just the pinnacle of modern metalcore and would be a dream come true. It’s basically a bucket full of ozzys!

Broken Arrow:What has been your most surreal experience as a band so far?

COAT: By far would be touring Europe with Upon a Burning Body and crossing paths with Texas In July’s last ever European tour. JT from TIJ who now sings in ERRA came up and joined us mid set through one of our songs. Very surreal moment. Also just kids that come out to watch us play and we’re their favourite band and they buy merch off us! All the bands in the world and they like us?! A few others would have to be a venue we played in Dresden, Germany. The venue was underneath a block of flats, no stage and around maximum of 50 people allowed. Double that turned up and was one huge mosh pit!

Broken Arrow: You recently released a video for Through Struggle, Hope Will Anchor Our Souls – what is this song about?

COAT: This song is about the fear of being overwhelmed and out of your depth, losing yourself and then trying to recover. If you believe in yourself and your ability to achieve things, anything can be done. Discovering that there is more to life then the tangible, materialistic and beautiful things that in the current world, we take for granted. Inner strength comes from making mistakes and you only get stronger when recovering from them.

Broken Arrow:You’re about to release your new EP ‘Iluminate’ how do you think this release compares to previous EP ‘Seasons’?

COAT: It’s been a year since Seasons came out. The cheesy thing to say now would be that we’ve all grown up, but in this case it’s true. A year is a long time for things in and out of a band to happen, and it’s certainly happened to us. With two new brains in the band, Seb and Dom, all the ideas that we have have gone down a different, but most definitely better, path. We all are very excited and anxious to see where our latest release Illuminate will take us. We are just so grateful that Seasons has done us this proud, and gotten us to where we are today. We wouldn’t change any of the past and feel like with Illuminate it’s a new time for Confessions Of A Traitor, the same sound with bigger breakdowns!

Broken Arrow:Which track off of the EP do you enjoy/are you most excited about playing live?

COAT: I apologise now for the easy answer, but all of them! The initial ideas for Illuminate started life in November 2015, then they were finally recorded in March of this year. We’ve been keeping everything about this EP a secret until now, do you know how hard that is?! We wrote every one of these songs as a band, we all love each and every one of them too, and the icing on the breakdown (cake) is to play them live and for people to love them! These songs just symbolise where Confessions Of A Traitor currently is, and none of us would change it!

Broken Arrow:How do you guys work in the studio? Does one person take the lead, or is it a joint effort?

COAT: During writing our demos, Jack, Tony and Dom will lay down the initial beat/riffs etc. Once a song is kind of written, we’ll probably either all meet up for a day and add in everyone’s ideas so that it becomes a finished song. There’s no specific one person who writes because we all love throwing ideas for new material at each other, we all get along as friends so we work on no idea is a bad idea!

Broken Arrow:Anyone got any interesting hobbies?

COAT: None as such unfortunately, but Dom just loves cats… I can’t put into words how much he does to be honest. If he had nothing to do all day every day, he’d be out there following them around trying to be one haha!

Broken Arrow:Lastly, what can we expect from Confessions of A Traitor for the rest of 2016?

COAT: We are about to go out to Spain with I Killed The Prom Queen, who are a personal favourite band of Steve’s, and at the end of September we head out on tour with Caliban as main support. You’ll just have to wait and see what we do next!

Check out their latest video for ‘Illuminating The Night‘: