“He jumped off the stage and for some reason there was a brick on the floor, I think it was holding up a wedge or something. He jumps off the stage and he landed right on it. He broke his foot.”

Fresh from the stage at their first ever Download Festival appearance, we were lucky enough to chat to front man Adam Leader and guitarist David Mena Ferrer of In Search of Sun about their forthcoming album ‘Virgin Funk Mother’, their cover of The Weeknd’s ‘The Hills’, pranks, sleep paralysis and more…

Broken Arrow: In Search of Sun, how it’s going guys? How are you finding Download Festival so far?

David: Ah mate, it’s been amazing! Absolutely amazing. A dream come true actually.

Broken Arrow:  It’s you’re first time playing here right?

David: Absolutely. What can I say man? I’m stoked!

Adam: It’s definitely a dream come true. I’ve been coming here for years and years as a punter, so being able to come back and play to the punters is just a dream come true. I don’t know how else to describe it. It’s an incredible feeling and I don’t think we’ve digested it yet to be honest.

Broken Arrow:  You guys here all weekend to party?

Adam: Absolutely!

David: Yeah, absolutely!

Broken Arrow:  For those who haven’t heard of you, how did it all start for In Search of Sun?

Adam: It started off as Dave and I jamming in either Dave’s bedroom or my bedroom, playing a load of really bad metal riffs.

David: We didn’t meet in our bedrooms. Just to clarify.

Adam: I used to be in a really terrible band back in school. Dave used to be in a band.

David: A terrible one as well.

Adam: OK, he said terrible, so.

David: He hated my old band. That makes a great story man.

Adam: (Laughs) That’s for another time. I used to have a little vendetta against Dave because when my old band played in our local pub, I’d always think that Dave screwed the sound up for us. But really a few years later I can look back and say we were just shit.  It wasn’t Dave. Anyway we just got together and wrote all these riffs and it just went from there really. Here we are today.

David: Six years later we are playing Download.

“It’s definitely a step up from the last album.”

In Search Of Sun

Broken Arrow:  You ran a Kickstarter campaign for funding your new album ‘Virgin Funk Mother’ and raised nearly £4,000 with over 170 fans backing you. Incredible! Can you tell us what to expect from the new album?

Adam: Absolute skull crushing, ass kicking, heart pumping, boner inducing songs.

David: I can’t really add anymore to that…

Adam: You’re gonna love it, it’s cool man. It’s called ‘Virgin Funk Mother’.

David: It’s definitely a step up from the last album.

Broken Arrow: Any dates as to when will it be released?

David: Not at the minute.

Broken Arrow: So fans just need keep checking your Facebook and Twitter pages?

Adam: At the moment yes, but it will be this year!

Broken Arrow: When putting together an album, how does your songwriting work?

Adam: (Laughs) Wanna take this one Dave?

David: Basically I go to bed right, and then I wake up and I’m like shit I came up with this riff. Nah I dunno basically, maybe me or Rory, anyone can come up with a riff. It’s not like the guitarist has to come up with all the guitar parts. Anyone can write. As long as it contributes to the song. We just go from there.

Adam: It just goes from there man. Like we’ll end up recording a riff and some generic drum beat and then we’ll start messing around and start altering the riff a bit and come with a bass line and some vocal melodies and then eventually it just turns in to this really cool song. Last minute something just clicks and we’re like this sounds amazing. Let’s do it like this. A lot of that is what you’re gonna hear on the next album. It’s the one!

Broken Arrow:  So do you feel since you released your debut album ‘The World Is Yours’ back in 2014 that you’ve grown as a band?

David: I think we’ve definitely grown musically. I think it was just a stepping stone to getting to know each other a little bit more musically, and now this is going in a slightly different direction but still has the same elements that we have on the first album. Old fans will like it, but new fans will dig it as well. Hopefully we can appeal to more people.

Broken Arrow:  I think the artwork for ‘Virgin Funk Mother’ is great. Who is the artist and what inspired the idea? 

Adam: His name is Justin and he’s incredible. Inspiration for the idea was, well I dunno where to start to be honest man. It was just, what about this, what about that. Then everyone’s ideas just kind of gelled together and then we thought well lets take this idea but make it slightly different on a more universal level. I know this makes no sense, probably but it just happened. It’s original but it makes so much sense to us and when you hear the album it’ll make sense to you. You might have to figure it out, listen to the lyrics, listen to the tunes, just feel the songs and then you’ll kind of understand where that and how that artwork came about.

Broken Arrow: Your video for ‘Elevation’ hit 1 million views. How did you feel when that millionth hit happened?

David: Stoked man, absolutely stoked. What can I say man? We work day jobs, and like I’d be sitting there with a smile on my face. It’s just incredible, I would of never thought we’d get that many views!

Adam: Basically we all jumped around like little girls when we saw 1 million views.

Broken Arrow: You also released a cover of The Weeknd’s ‘The Hills’.  What made you cover that song?

Adam: We love The Weeknd.

David: We definitely love that tune man. It’s a sick song!

Broken Arrow:  Do you think it’s gone down well with fans?

David: I think so, yeah! It’s not an obvious choice. We didn’t want to do just another metal song or… we wanted to do something else that we could make our own and I think it worked pretty well.

Adam: And just a quick mention to Phil Kinman at MTR Studios. Phil mixed that for us and he did an absolutely fantastic job. He made it sound big! He’s incredible man!

Broken Arrow:  What’s the maddest or craziest gig you’ve ever played?

David: Oh, this one (laughs).

Adam: Yeah this is probably one of the most mental in terms of the vibe and the size but there is one in particular that sticks out and it involves Dave. Well in involves the whole band, but Dave in particular. We were playing in Wolverhampton and right at the end during the encore. On the last tune man, Dave like, well he always goes for it but he really went for it on this one. He jumped off the stage and for some reason there was a brick on the floor, I think it was holding up a wedge or something. He jumps off the stage and he landed right on it.

David: I broke my foot…

Adam: He broke his foot basically but he carried on playing until the end. Then his foot just swelled up, it looked like a balloon and then I had to carry him to car. It was really funny!

Broken Arrow: OK, so let’s do a couple of fun questions before we finish. If you had a time machine, what would you do and why?

David: I’d go back to an hour ago, and I’d play Download again (laughs).

Adam: He stole my idea.  I would go back to, wait… I can’t think of anything. Wait, I would turn back time and play Download again.

Broken Arrow:  And what’s the worse prank you’ve ever played on someone?

Adam: Oh yeah, when we were on the road once, Rory our other guitarist he is a deep sleeper he actually gets sleep paralysis, so he fell asleep on like the floor of the van and I’m like, yeah let’s scare him so once of started recording and the counted to three and after three we all just shouted ‘Oh shit’. If you go on our Facebook and scroll through the videos you’ll be able to see it. Rory’s face is absolutely priceless!

Broken Arrow: What is the next for In Search of Sun?

David: There’s a couple of things lined up but we can’t unfortunately say anything just yet. Keep looking at our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Adam: It’s cool stuff though!

Broken Arrow: Any last words for the fans?

Adam: Stayed tuned. Thank you for your love and support and keep up to date. We love you!

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