“We actually spent the entire summer on Warped Tour with ROAM so it was quite easy to bond with those guys a second time around”

Recently Canadian pop-punks Like Pacific were on tour with Eastbourne lads ROAM in the UK. We managed to catch up with their bassist, Chris Thaung, following the tour to talk about their first experience in the country. We spoke about what they love and didn’t like so much, as well as their music scene back in Ontario

Broken Arrow Magazine: We’ll start with the UK tour, how was it?

Chris: Amazing. We had a blast. The scene is really great out there,

Broken Arrow Magazine: Was that your first time in the UK?

Chris: As a band yes. Even as individuals it was our first time, except for our guitarist Greg (Hall), he’s been before.

Broken Arrow Magazine: Did you enjoy our “lovely” wet British weather?

Chris: Honestly, the weather there sucks. We’re used to the cold being from Canada, but it’s like a damp wet cold over there. It goes right into your bones.

Broken Arrow Magazine: What has been the food of choice while you’ve been over here?

Chris: We LOVE Greggs, Probably went once a day for the 2 weeks we were over there. It’s so cheap, tasty and quick. We also love Wetherspoons. Curry Club Thursdays, you can’t not!

Broken Arrow Magazine: What has it been like to share stages with ROAM and Columbus? 

Chris: Both bands were incredible every night. It’s great to see a band from so far away like Columbus rip gigs every night without feeling too homesick. Also really sick seeing so much hometown love for ROAM.

Broken Arrow Magazine: Have you had a chance to hang out with either band before or after shows?

Chris: We actually spent the entire summer on Warped Tour with ROAM so it was quite easy to bond with those guys a second time around. Columbus were really rad dudes as well, taught us a lot of Aussie slang that we have never laughed so hard before.

Broken Arrow Magazine: Are there any cool or interesting tour stories you’re willing to share?

Chris: We’re all pretty boring, to be honest. We show up, roam the city, play and rush to go to bed.

Broken Arrow Magazine: Which town or venue have you enjoyed performing at the most on this tour?

Chris: We really enjoyed Leeds, Manchester and London, Big cities with a lot going on. Brighton was pretty sweet as well, the pier is beautiful.

“We got a good thing going back home and I’m super proud and stoked on where the scene is now.”

Broken Arrow Magazine: How would you compare these shows to playing at home in Toronto?

Chris: No matter where you go, the concept is the same. People who enjoy alternative music. I definitely think the crowds were much younger in the UK compared to back home in North America. The venues in the UK all have stairs, though. They are NOT favourable whatsoever.

Broken Arrow Magazine: Talk to us about your music scene at home, what genres seem to be more popular in Toronto, or Ontario in general?

Chris: The scene here in Ontario is soo incredibly strong. Every band we played with while coming up has label recognition now. Safe to Say, Seaway, Exalt, Coldfront, Rarity, and not to mention Counterparts all from Ontario and all have been signed by labels. It just goes to show how healthy the Ontario scene is right now. Younger bands like Gold Finch and Bearings I can see being picked up in the near future. We got a good thing going back home and I’m super proud and stoked on where the scene is now.

Broken Arrow Magazine: Where in Canada do you like to play the most?

Chris: Toronto, obviously. Ottawa’s sweet, Vancouver and Edmonton are dope as well.

Broken Arrow Magazine: You released your debut album ‘Distant Like You Asked’ early on this year, how has material from that album been received on this tour?

Chris: Six or seven songs from our set are all from our new record. I think there’s definitely a better reaction from these newer songs, they’re more upbeat and relatable. ‘Distant Like You Asked’ is always a banger on any tour.

Broken Arrow Magazine: Is there anything you have learned from the process of making the release or feedback on the album that has changed the band in any way?

Chris: We learned how important pre-production is. Before we did this full length, we would just go into the studio with whatever songs we had and make an EP out of it. We took a lot of time crafting these songs and making them what they are on‘Distant Like You Asked’.

Broken Arrow Magazine: What’s next on the cards for Like Pacific?

Chris: Next year we have a Spring run with Senses Fail, Counterparts and Movements to end out the record cycle for ‘Distant Like You Asked’. After that, we’ll begin working on LP number two.

Broken Arrow Magazine: Do you have any last messages for our readers or any new fans you might have made on this tour?

Chris: Thanks for giving a shit about us!

Check out Like Pacific‘s video for ‘Richmond’ below

‘Distant Like You Asked’ is out now on Pure Noise Records

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