Since 1998, All That Remains continue to progress, while clenching steadfast to the principals that etched their place at the forefront of 21st century hard rock. Now on their seventh full-length album, ‘The Order of Things’, the Massachusetts outfit Philip Labonte (vocals), Oli Herbert (guitar), Mike Martin (guitar), Jeanne Sagan (bass), and Jason Costa (drums) – preserve an ethos of evolution. We got the chance to talk to Philip Labonte and Mike Martin shortly after their Download Festival appearance.

Broken Arrow: Congratulations on opening the Main Stage here at Download. How did that feel?

Philip: It was cool! It’s a big stage so there’s a lot of room to cover but it’s fun to run around! We didn’t trainwreck anything and all the songs went the way they were supposed to so that’s always good.

Broken Arrow: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. For those who aren’t familiar with All That Remains, could you just give us a brief background?

Philip: We’re from Massachusetts and we got started in 1999. This is our seventh record that’s been released and about our twelfth trip to Europe so we’ve been around the world a bit!

Broken Arrow: You definitely have! How has 2015 been for All That Remains so far?

Philip: So far, pretty good. We did two months of touring in the US with In Flames, we’ve done a bunch of US Radio Festivals so we’ve been very busy!

Broken Arrow: Earlier this year you released your new single ‘This Probably Won’t End Well’, can you tell us the meaning behind the song?

Philip: Well, everybody has done/or knows somebody that has done the whole “this is a terrible idea but im gonna do it anyway”, so that’s kinda the vibe behind it.

Broken Arrow: You also released your seventh studio album “The Order Of Things”, have your fans been responding well to the new music?

Mike: Yeah it’s been good so far. It sounds like there are more educated opinions this time! As if people actually listened before deciding “ahh they’re stupid now” – I mean, there will always be that but for the most part it’s been pretty cool!

Broken Arrow: Do you feel that you guys are always pushing yourself as a band to try new things?

Philip: Yeah we don’t care – we’ll do anything. Our Producer was actually suprised because he’s worked with bands like Lamb Of God who are strict about their policies but we’ll write a death metal song, an acoustic. If we wanna do it we’ll do it and if you wanna get mad, go ahead!

Broken Arrow: So we’re intrigued, if you could see the creation of any great album take place what would it be?

Philip: ‘Appetite For Destruction’.

Mike: That’d be a great TV show – I’d watch that!

Broken Arrow: And finally, any last words for the world?

Philip: You can check us out online at and on Twitter!

Watch the video for ‘This Probably Won’t End Well’ here:

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