German metalcore lads Annisokay have become huge in the last year or so, having signed to SPV Records and being given the opportunity to work with established producer Joey Sturgis. The band are currently on tour in Germany and will be hitting the UK this May supporting Fearless Vampire Killers! We grabbed a moment with Vocalist/Guitarist Christoph to find out a bit more about Annisokay

Broken Arrow: Firstly, Joey Sturgis has produced for the likes of Emmure and The Devil Wears Prada, some of the biggest acts in the metalcore scene, how did you approach him for ‘The Lucid Dreamer’?

Christoph: I’m a music producer and have been for many years now and had been working with Joey on some drum sample projects. So when it came to finishing our first album ‘The Lucid Dreamer’, we asked him if he wanted to master the record. I actually produced and mixed it, so I was over the moon when he said yes! He’s been following our band since and we’re lucky to call him a friend now.

Broken Arrow: Was he automatically considered for Enigmatic Smile?

Christoph: At first, we wanted to fly to America to do an EP with him. I asked if he was interested and he was, so we booked our tickets and went over there for nearly three weeks to record 5 songs. When we got back we were so happy about the experience and the songs we made with him, but we thought, an EP isn’t enough. We felt these songs needed to make a big impact, so we decided to develop from an EP to an album. In the short time frame we had left, Joey didn’t have time to work with us again, so we asked another favourite producer, William Putney, if he would produce the second half of the album. After hearing our pre-production he jumped at the chance. That’s why we have two producers on this record. Joey was our first, because he actually produced so many of our favourite records that we couldn’t go wrong with him. So in the end we’re really proud of what we did together and wouldn’t change one thing of the production process if we went back in time!

Broken Arrow: How did signing to SPV change things for you? 

Christoph: There was a moment where we weren’t able to do all the business stuff on our own anymore. So when our manager figured out a deal with SPV we were really happy about the professional support we were about to get. Along with the signing with SPV, we got a really nice Booking Agency called Kingstar. We got the chance to sell merch in the biggest store in Germany called Impericon, and we finally became interesting to many magazines and endorsement partners that didn’t know about us before. So from the point of the signing, we started playing bigger shows and were finally able to concentrate more on the music while having a lot more professional stuff going on in the background.

Broken Arrow: Has there been a boost in fans discovering you since SPV reissued ‘The Lucid Dreamer’ last year? 

Christoph: Yes of course. You can see it in our Facebook page likes for example. I think we nearly doubled our likes count since then. We also noticed how much more feedback we get on everything we release. However, we shouldn’t forget to mention that we just entered the official German longplay charts with our new album ‘Enigmatic Smile’. This wouldn’t have been possible at all one year ago!

Broken Arrow: Last year you toured with the likes of Silverstein and Blessthefall, both huge names in the post hardcore scene. How excited were you to find out you were touring with them and what were they like to tour with?

Christoph: Both bands are amazing guys. We had a lot of fun with them! Of course it was a huge honour to tour with them, and we met them with a shitload of respect in the beginning! However, when you start to share the stage with other bands, you remember that they’re people like you, having to deal with the same issues on tour, but also loving to party in the same way. It still makes you very proud though, when a band you loved to listen to for years tells you that you just played a sick show!

Broken Arrow: Is there anyone you would absolutely love to tour with and who has been your favourite band to tour with so far?

Christoph: Every tour we’ve played so far was amazing. Besides the two you mentioned, we played with bands like Falling In Reverse, Eskimo Callboy or our German metal kings in Callejon. We wouldn’t like to pick one favourite as every run had its awesome moments. However playing a show with Limp Bizkit or Korn one day would make a big dream of all of ours come true!

Broken Arrow: And lastly, have you ever considered doing a cover version of Smooth Criminal? We think it could be interesting…

Christoph: Damn, that’s a really great idea. This song has been covered by Alien Ant Farm pretty perfectly already though, but we’re definitely going to try that out soon!

Watch the video for ‘Carry Me Away‘ below:

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