Black Veil Brides have been making a big name for themselves over the last few years and are now set to release their first ever live DVD ‘Alive and Burning’‘Alive and Burning’ drops a pin in the band’s career as their first ever recorded live performance, filmed in their home town of Los Angeles during the successful Black Mass Tour, in support of their self titled fourth album at the world famous Wiltern Theatre. The sold out crowd witnessed a career spanning set list featuring classics such as ‘Knives and Pens’ and ‘Fallen Angels’, as well as current favourites ‘Faithless’ and the grand finale ‘In The End!’ We had a quick chat with Ashley Purdy, Jake Pitts and Jinxx ahead of their show at Download Festival.

Broken Arrow: How are guys today? How has Download Festival been for you so far?

Jake: Wet, cold and rainy but other than that we’re good.

Broken Arrow: Are you looking forward to your set tonight?

Jake: Yeah, absolutely!

Broken Arrow: So how is 2015 treating Black Veil Brides so far? What have you guys been up to?

Jake: It’s been good. We’ve been really busy, time is just flying by. We’ve just been touring non-stop so we’ve pretty much just been on the road this year.

Broken Arrow: At the end of last year you released your self-titled, fourth studio album, have your fans been responding well to the new music?

Jake: Yeah as far as I know, they still come to our shows so I guess so!

Broken Arrow: ‘Alive and Burning’ your first ever live DVD is out this July. What can the fans expect?

Jinxx: It’s just like being at one of our shows. We filmed it in LA – our home town and sold out the Wiltern, a venue there. There is lot’s of fire and cool stuff and it’s one of our greatest moments performing live.

Broken Arrow: You held a live première for the fans, how did that go?

Jake: It was cool you know, we did it in Hollywood and a bunch of fans came out and watched it. We peaked in through the back and it looked as if they were loving it, singing along and acting like they were in the crowd, so it was cool to see their reaction and see that they really liked it.

Broken Arrow: Have you got any plans for a UK tour later this year?

Ashley: We’ve already been here like four times already. Haven’t we?

Jinxx: We’re actually co-headlining the Warped Tour in London on 18th October at Alexandra Palace. It will be our last UK show this year after Download.

Broken Arrow: We think that you guys should support Motley Crue on their final UK tour. What do you guys think?

Ashley: We’ve supported them before with Slash in Europe!

Broken Arrow: You were nominated for five Kerrang! Awards this week. What did you win?

Jinxx: Yeah, we won best live band which is a big one for us, it was great!

Broken Arrow: What do you guys do when you get time to relax?

Jake: I just started producing, so I don’t ever have time to relax, I just had some time off from tour but I was working the whole time – I’ve invested money in my own studio as well as a lot of time. I’ve been doing the engineering thing for over 10 years now, so when I have downtime I like to do that. I’ve been producing a metal band in LA and when I finished that up and then we’re off on the Warped Tour, ah man I don’t stop working ever – but to me it’s not really work I like doing it, it’s fun, I’d be doing it anyway so…

Broken Arrow: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Have you got any last words for your fans?

Ashley: Keep buying our records, keep coming to the shows and we love you!

Watch ‘Faithless’ taken from ‘Alive and Burning’ here:

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