Hailing from Ontario, Counterparts have managed to build quite the fan base, since their formation in 2007, that has progressively expanded beyond their home province. To date Counterparts can say that they’ve played Download Festival, released albums that have reached critical acclaim through Rock Sound and Exclaim! magazines, and signed to Pure Noise Records which is also home to Gnarwolves, The Story So Far and State Champs. We couldn’t wait to talk to Vocalist Brendan and Drummer Kelly just after they kicked off Download Festival!

Broken Arrow: You guys have just done your set here at Download, how do you think it went?

Brendan: It was super, super cool.

Broken Arrow: And it’s your first time, right?

Brendan: Yeah and hopefully not the last! Hopefully we didn’t piss off a lot of people so that they won’t ask us back but yeah it was good!

Broken Arrow: How’s the weekend been so far – been here for long?

Brendan: We’ve pretty much just seen our stage, I had a good shower and now we’re here! So we haven’t had time to explore just yet but it looks great. Lots of weird people walking around haha. I’ll try and talk to as many as I can!

Broken Arrow: For those who aren’t familiar with Counterparts, could you tell us how it all started and how you got to where you are today?

Brendan: It started in the 9th Grade in High School! Jesse and I were in a band playing guitars, jamming and writing music and then when that band didn’t work out we started a new one. I moved over to vocals and we had a few member changes – thats why Kelly is in the band now. We did our first record and started touring just after graduating high school!

Broken Arrow: So has 2015 been busy for you so far?

Brendan: So far it’s been busy as hell!

Kelly: One of the busiest ones yet!

Broken Arrow: What bands are you most excited about seeing tonight?

Kelly & Brendan: Slipknot!!

Brendan: Everyone’s asking us and Slipknot are such a big influence, even though it’s indirect but we’ve grown up listening to them.

Broken Arrow: So you released your new music video for ‘Collapse’ literally days ago, can you tell us about the new single?

Kelly: It’s a lighter one.

Brendan: Yeah it’s definitely a lighter track on the album and I think that’s sort of why we chose it as a single. Going from ‘Burn’ into ‘Collapse’ means we can show our heavy side and our soft side on the same record. It’s nothing we haven’t done before but I think we executed it in a cool way and it’s ended up being one of my favourites on the record.

Broken Arrow: Your latest album ‘Tragedy Will Find Us’ is being release in July. What can fans expect from the new record?

Brendan: Pretty much us growing up and being able to write cooler songs.

Kelly: Yeah it’s definitely matured.

Broken Arrow: How do you adapt to working in the studio as opposed to playing live on stage?

Brendan: It’s not too different, I mean obviously everybody does their own part individually and then it all comes together in the end. Then you just write lyrics from when you get up until you go to bed and maybe get Thai food if you’re lucky.

Kelly: It is a little different coming out of the studio and then having to tour again just because you go back to old songs when you’ve just been focused on the new album.

Brendan: Yeah we recorded it and then I pretty much forgot the lyrics to every other song so I had to go look up my own lyrics.

Broken Arrow: Describe your songwriting process. Does one person take the lead or is it a collaborative effort?

Kelly: Jesse writes 93% of it. He’ll have an idea and demo it out on his computer. He even writes the basic drums and then I just add on whatever I want.

Watch the video for ‘Collapse’ here:

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