Dallas-based outfit Crown The Empire make music in a rare way, combining visual aesthetics, theatrical sonic textures and thought-provoking lyrics. These guys have toured with The Used, Falling In Reverse, Pierce The Veil and now, Of Mice and Men, as well as working with famed Producer Joey Sturgis (The Devil Wears Prada, We Came As Romans) to lay down their 2012 album ‘The Fallout‘ and their most recent release from 2014 ‘The Resistance: Rise Of The Runaways‘. It seems like for Crown The Empire, things are just getting started! We had a little chat with vocalist David and drummer Brent to find out more…

Broken Arrow: How’s Download Festival been for you so far?

David: Well we just got here so we haven’t experienced much yet – gotta take care of business first!

Broken Arrow: This is your first Download right?

Brent: Yeah first time at Download, but not first time in the UK!

Broken Arrow: Thankyou for taking the time to talk to us, for those who aren’t familiar with Crown The Empire, could you just recap who you are and how it all started?

David: We’re from Dallas, Texas. We started in 2011 jamming in our garage just like you do in High School. Ended up getting picked up by management and a label and Andy and Ben our guitarist quit high school and we’ve just been on the road ever since.

Broken Arrow: That’s pretty sweet that you guys are doing so well seeing as the guys quit High School to pursue the band.

Brent: I was doing drum covers on Youtube and I was three years through college so I dropped out of college to join the band.

Broken Arrow: Your new album is due out next month, what can the fans expect from it?

Brent: Well it’s a reissue but it’s also a little bit of a surprise! Definitely a lot more mature. We kinda rewound and thought what really makes Crown The Empire/ what’s the true identity and how can we really capture that?

David: Yeah, we kinda just met in the middle of where we all wanted to go with it.

Broken Arrow: You’ve been touring with Of Mice and Men on the Full Circle Tour for the last few months. How was it working alongside them?

David: One of the best tours I’ve ever done actually! I became pretty good friends with those guys, theyre great people and they play great music. It was an awesome tour and they’re fans showed us so much love too. I don’t even have words for it.

Broken Arrow: Is there any other band that you would really like to tour with?

David: Twenty One Pilots!

Brent: Yeah definitely them, we haven’t stopped talking about that band or that record.

Broken Arrow: So if you could see the creation of any album, just to see how it came together what would it be?

Brent: Dave and I were talking about Operation Mindcrime by Queensryche the other day.

David: Well it’s a concept record just like ours so we really take an interest in that whole thing and how they used to perform it live. When we wrote our records, we had so many to take influence from but they were one of the pioneers in doing that so to see where they got the ideas from.

Broken Arrow: Whats the craziest thing that’s ever happened on tour?

Brent: We probably cant talk about all of it but a lot of stuff seems to happen to our crew. Our guitar tech had never been to a Travelodge before and he thought the door to the hallway was his room so he just opened it and passed out on the floor and that’s where he slept for the night.

Broken Arrow: Finally, what’s next for Crown The Empire?

Brent: Right now we’re just taking some time off and doing the Reissue of The Resistance but there’s a lot of suprises that we’ve kinda not planned. We wanted to bring some mystery back into the band because with all this social media, everyone knows everything

David: We’re gonna take some time out from touring and just see what we can do to get our name out there. We don’t wanna burn ourselves out!

Broken Arrow: Anything else to say to the fans?

David: Stay tuned for everything we’re gonna be putting out – it’s gonna be awesome!

Watch the video for ‘Satellites/Rise Of The Runaways’ here:

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