Fast gaining notoriety in their home country’s DIY punk scene, German post hardcore quintet Earl Grey unleash a visceral, propulsive vocal assault on the listener alongside tumbling, flourishing guitar lines. The band recently released their latest EP  TTYCMM‘ so we caught up with the group to find out all about the new EP, plans for the rest of 2017 and an interesting anecdote about the night they had to flee a gig…

Broken Arrow: For those who have never heard of you, could you give us a little bit of background on Earl Grey?

Earl Grey: We’re a five piece band of slackers from Mönchengladbach, Germany rolling since 2015.

Broken Arrow: Your sound is described as ‘anthemic, aggressive and melodic’. Which artists would you say have been your biggest musical influences in shaping this sound?

Earl Grey: There are loads of bands that probably shaped our style. Trophy Eyes, Balance and Composure and Title Fight. Just to name a few.

Broken Arrow: You’ve just released your next EP ‘TTYCMM’. How do you feel this release differs from previous releases ‘Ready To Leave’ and ‘Passing Time’?

Earl Grey: We put a lot more time into writing and recording TTYCMM. We re-wrote the songs a couple times and changed things until we felt we were really satisfied with it. There was no rush to it and we created something that we’re very proud of. We just drifted with the music and created a melodic and dreamy vibe which is still heavy and will  blast your ears.

Broken Arrow: Which tracks off of the new EP are you most looking forward to playing live?

Earl Grey: ‘Snake Hips’ and ‘Never Sleep’. Both tracks have a lot of breaks, tempo changes and range from light and dreamy to heavy as fuck.

“…We tore the songs apart, molded them back together, changed and added things and that’s how we got rolling…”

Broken Arrow: What was the recording process like for the new EP? Did one person take the lead or was it a joint effort?

Earl Grey: Our drummer Moritz did a lot of pre-recordings at home and whilst we’d practice, we tore the songs apart, molded them back together, changed and added things and that’s how we got rolling.

Broken Arrow: You recently revealed one of the tracks, ‘Nothing’. What’s it all about?

Earl Grey: It’s about being used or fooled by friends and lovers who play their games with you or just don’t know what real empathy means. The ending of the song is about trying to numb these feelings with intoxication and substance abuse.

Broken Arrow: You had a pretty awful experience back in 2016 where you had to flee a gig. What happened?

Earl Grey: We were about to play a gig in Cherkasy, Ukraine when we noticed that a lot of Neo-Nazis were attending the show. Before we got on stage we raised our “Good Night White Pride” Flag and told the crowd that every Nazi should get the fuck out of the venue because we would not play for Nazis.

That lead to a fight between some Nazis and a few people in the crowd who stood up for our thing as well. It also lead for the Nazis to storm out of the room, but only to burn our Flag, gather in front of the venue and pull out knifes. We got out through the back, threw our gear into our van and left with full speed.

But as soon as we were leaving the spot, we had a car with 5 armored fascists chasing us. We tried to get rid of them, not regarding speed limits and red lights until we crashed into a public bus. At the crash site we got back into our van and started driving again as a bunch of Nazis got out of their car and started walking towards us. So the car chase continued until we got stopped by police who were looking for us for leaving the accident scene.

It took us a while to convince the police with what really happened due to a massive language barrier. That’s when they stopped threatening us with huge charges and court. We ended up with paying the bus driver some cash for the damage on the bus and parked the car on a guarded parking space.

“We haven’t planned any festivals so far. Sweaty basements with summer heat instead…”

Broken Arrow: Did it put you off going out to perform for a while?

Earl Grey: No, we continued to play the tour. We couldn’t make it to the gig the next day because we had to get the van fixed to continue driving. Good thing we didn’t made it because it turned out that more Nazis turned up to this show and attacked some people who worked at the venue.

Broken Arrow: Are you doing any festivals this year?

Earl Grey: We haven’t planned any festivals so far. Sweaty basements with summer heat instead.

Broken Arrow: Lastly, what can we expect from Earl Grey the rest of 2017?

Earl Grey: We’ll play your house for beer and petrol money so catch us at any show and get yourself a copy of TTYCMM!

Check out the video for ‘Nothing‘ below:

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