EofE have only been going since 2013 but they’ve already created a huge buzz with their live shows and musicianship. They played an amazing set on Jake’s Stage at Download Festival and have been declared “the next big thing” by Team Rock Radio. We couldn’t wait to meet vocalist Tom Harris and rhythm guitarist Reece Luke to find out more!

Broken Arrow: How’s Download Festival been for you so far?

Tom: Yeah we’re really enjoying it! Great set for us and great crowd – great start to the weekend!

Broken Arrow: Are you here for the whole weekend?

Tom: Yeah we’re camping – doing the full Download experience.

Broken Arrow: It’s gotta be done! Thankyou for taking the time to talk to us. For those who haven’t heard of EofE, could you give us a bit of background info?

Tom: We’re a 5 piece, based in the Midlands and we’ve been a 5 piece for about 7 months! It’s our first time at Download. We love rock music and people describe our sound as crossover rock/pop/melodic – whatever you wanna call it!

Broken Arrow: So what bands are you guys most excited to see this weekend at Download?

Tom: Mallory Knox are gonna be awesome.

Reece: Muse…there’s so many good bands!

Broken Arrow: You recently released your new single ‘Wake Up’, can you tell us about it?

Tom: ‘Wake Up’ is about, for example, waking up from a crap relationship or a dead end job and living the life that you want! The music video was really cool to shoot. We did it in an old derelict house in London with two professional dancers.

Reece: Very dusty!

Broken Arrow: So you’ve now played Download Festival, as well as Camden Rocks and The Great Escape – how have the shows been and what has the response been from the fans?

Reece: Everyone we have played to have been amazing. All the new faces have been really welcoming and and seeing the familiar faces has been nice as it’s great to have their support.

Broken Arrow: Thinking back to your earliest memories of music, what was it that made you first decide you wanted to be in a band?

Reece: My uncle played guitar and I remember sitting in his room and watching him play and just thinking “that’s what I wanna do!”

Tom: I dont know really, when I was young I just wanted to be a wrestler!

Broken Arrow: Who’s your favourite WWE superstar?

Tom: Kane!

Reece: Jeff and Matt Hardy!

Tom: Nah, I always sang as a hobby and I was in a little band at secondary school. I met these lot and just thought, you know, we’ve got great potential together.

Broken Arrow: Before you go out on tour, what can’t you leave without?

Reece: My phone definitely! I like to be in touch on Social Media and be able to interact with the fans and see what other bands are doing.

Broken Arrow: Any last words?

Tom: Check us out – EofE.com for merchandise, tours and gigs. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Come to our gigs – buy our shit!

Watch the video for ‘Wake Up‘ here:

Don’t forget to check out EofE here: