We had a chat with Baltimore pop punk quartet Face Value about spaghetti pizza, fanboying around Seth Henderson and their 2018 upcoming EP…

Broken Arrow: For those who have never heard of you, could you tell us a little bit about Face Value?

Face Value: Yeah man, we are from the suburbs of Baltimore, MD and we love to play rock and punk music together and eat spaghetti pizza. We all come from different backgrounds and juggle engineering, computer science, kinesiology and music slinging jobs while being in the band. Hmm… we just got a 5th member and he is always in danger of being let go, too.

“We didn’t set out to do anything specific except write badass songs that made us feel good and were super fun to play…”

Broken Arrow: You’re described as pop punk – who would you say are your biggest influences that led you to create this sound?

Face Value: We all like very different music. Alec and Jeremiah grew up with a mix of 80’s, 90’s and pop punk bands like Knuckle Puck, All Time Low, and TSSF. Me and my brother were into Blink, Sum 41, Good Charlotte and those 2000s mainstream pop punk bands. We even like Top 40 bullshit… We like to mix the effects with the punk sound and it just makes things super interesting having different influences!

“Jeb was actually so nervous he threw up the first day we got there… (just kidding)”

Broken Arrow: You recently finished recording your new album. What can fans expect from the record compared to your previous releases?

Face Value: With every EP, our sound has evolved. If Growing Up Young was the little brother who watches SpongeBob and Thick As Thieves thought he was annoying, Ivy & Echo would be coming home at 2AM wreaking of marijuana. We didn’t set out to do anything specific except write badass songs that made us feel good and were super fun to play. We wanted to mix it up rhythmically, write some crazier leads, and as always, sing some deep lyrics that people can connect with. We know we accomplished that and hope people like it!

Broken Arrow: You recorded with Seth Henderson, who has worked with the likes of Knuckle Puck and Real Friends – how did it feel working with such an esteemed producer?

Face Value: We tried really hard not to fanboy but Jeb was actually so nervous he threw up the first day we got there… (just kidding). We were definitely humbled being in his studio. He was the nicest guy but he demanded a level of perfection we hadn’t seen from previous producers. Whether it was nailing a take even when we thought it was perfect or juggling ideas off of each other, Seth really squeezed the best out of us during our time at Always Be Genius. We miss him… and his twin brother.

Broken Arrow: Can you tell us about any other surreal experiences you’ve had as a band?

Face Value: As a band we have been incredibly lucky to…

– record with Paul Leavitt (All Time Low, Have Mercy, Yellowcard)

– shoot some awesome music videos (AHT Productions)

– play the 2016 NYC Marathon, 2016 Celebrate! Fairfax Festival, 2017 Frozen Harbor Music Festival

– open for The Ataris

Broken Arrow: Do you have a release date for the album yet?

Face Value: The EP drops February 2018! We’re tying up lose ends, ordering dancing lobsters, and trying to set up a banger release show/party. Tell your friends, tell your grandma, tell your parole officer. Be there or be triangle.

Broken Arrow: Have you got any plans in place to come and visit the UK any time soon?

Face Value: We’re currently trying to teach Alec English English and once we get some wheels, we would freaking love to do a British tour! We know it would be an insane experience. We hear French women don’t shave.

Broken Arrow: If you could share a stage with any band/artist – who would it be?

Face Value: We’ve seen so many bands lately so that one is tough… gotta be Seaway, Knuckle Puck, Neck Deep, With Confidence… hmm I’m probably missing a million more though

Broken Arrow: Lastly, do you have anything in the pipeline for 2018 so far?

Face Value: Ivy & Echo drops February 2018! But we also are recording an acoustic EP due out Spring 2018, a pop punk cover of “I’m The One”, another music video, and who knows what’s next?

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