The very unconventional ‘Death Pop’ band Fearless Vampire Killers have just done their third appearance at Download Festival. Add that to their recently announced, very own creation Havoc Festival, supporting Black Veil Brides and releasing the awesome ‘Unbreakable Hearts‘ last year, Fearless Vampire Killers have got some pretty sweet achievements under their belts. We had a, shall we say, interesting chat with Laurence, Luke and Barrone at Download Festival

Broken Arrow: You’ve just played the Encore Stage at Download today, how did it go?

Laurence: Fantastic!

Broken Arrow: And it’s not your first time here is it?

Laurence: No way! We’ve played here three times now.

Broken Arrow: Do you feel like you’ve come a long way since your first time here?

Laurence: Yeah, we played the Red Bull Stage twice, then we skipped the third stage and moved straight to the second stage! That’s quite a large leap.

Broken Arrow: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. For those that don’t know you, can you give us a quick recap on how it all started?

Luke: Well I just joined when it started getting good so I missed all that.

Laurence: I’ll give you a real quick history okay? Countryside. 2005. Five best friends who grew up together start a band. They morph into the super star band that is Fearless Vampire Killers. Nah but we were all in separate bands and we all loved it so we got together. We had a shit time for about four years and then people started taking notice.

Broken Arrow: Has this year been a busy one for you?

Laurence: Yeah we’ve done three tours so far – two European and one Headline.

Broken Arrow: You just launched Havoc Fest – can you tell us a bit about that?

Laurence: Well we just wanted to get a load of our mates bands together and do a show that could showcase smaller bands

Luke: We created our own stage at Takedown Festival and we thought, you know what, this is actually quite good! Let’s do a whole festival!

Broken Arrow: So you handpicked all the bands on the line-up then?

Laurence: Well we had a few that we owed favours to. It’s cool cos we got Glamour Of The Kill on there and we’ve always wanted to play with them. There’s so many good bands doing it. It’s just fun, really!

Broken Arrow: We think it’s awesome that you’re doing it. What else can we expect from Fearless Vampire Killers this year?

Luke: New music!

Barrone: We have another European tour coming up so that’ll be good.

Laurence: New music hopefully and….more nakedness hopefully.

Barrone: MORE?

Luke: I’m possibly gonna shave my beard off.

Laurence: He’s had a beard since he was sixteen – before beards were cool.

Broken Arrow: We know you guys like to drink on tour, whats the craziest thing that has happened?

Laurence: Hmmm, I’m not too sure if we can tell you that! Luke’s damaged a lot of people who have been rude to us. He’s also probably indulged in some ladies. He’s the rockstar, we drink a lot but we’re still pretty lame.

Luke: I ate money once, about £5. I tasered myself. Four words will make me do anything “It. Will. Be. Funny”.

Broken Arrow: Anything you wanna say to the fans?


Laurence: Seriously though, thankyou for supporting us. We will have new music soon and we love you all!

Check out the Acoustic version of ‘City Falls To Dust‘ here:

Don’t forget to check out Fearless Vampire Killers here: