Check out this awesome interview we did with Liverpool rockers Furian! These guys have just released a new music video for latest single ‘What’s Up‘ and if that isn’t sweet enough, they were recently played on Kerrang! Radio. We had a chat with the guys to talk about the surrealness of it all, their upcoming tour dates and what a Furian live show is all about…

Broken Arrow: To kick off, you describe yourself to be a “hybrid of all that you believe to be good in music” – can you sum this up for us?

Furian: Of course! When we say this we mean it from all angles. We aren’t just talking about the genre and the content we’re talking about the attitude and the feeling of it all. Furian have said as a group from day one that along the way no matter what strengths and weaknesses we have we will always remain honest and true to what we believe in. That includes being good to anyone involved with us in any capacity. It sounds sort of cheesy but we think it’s really important in something like music. There’s already a lot of dishonesty and ego floating around and so we didn’t want to be a part of that. We wanted to promote community and having a good time whilst showing the world what we sound like. On a musical level it’s more obvious. We’ve taken what we like and channeled it into our writing.

Broken Arrow: And is this a mixture of all of your influences put together?

Furian: Passively yeah. We never sit down and say “hey let’s write a song like *insert band here*” we just go with the flow and see what happens and if we like to sound of it we keep it. One thing that we can say is that we don’t really place any solid boundaries on anything. As long as it sounds cool we’re usually happy. It doesn’t have to sound a certain way or follow a set theme or anything. We all like a lot of different music so writing together is really interesting. We just hope people like it.

Broken Arrow: How did Furian come about? How did you all meet?

Furian: Dan actually auditioned for a band which Abhi and Joe were part of but it didn’t work out because it just wasn’t for everybody. It wasn’t the right chemistry shall we say. The alternative plan was to make a totally different band with a different drumming style and so we got our original drummer Lewis in and did a few demos. Lew had other things he wanted to pursue in the end so we parted ways. Meanwhile, Damien had just finished up with another band and was looking for a new musical adventure. Him and Dan had played together before in a Paramore tribute in the past. So he came over and fortunately fitted right in. It was very much a from the ashes of other bands sort of situation but when we started playing more together we realised we had a good friendship as much as anything else and decided to see how far we could take it.

Broken Arrow: Your latest single ‘What’s Up’ is set to be released on 22nd July. What’s the song about?

Furian: The song addresses a bunch of things but most of all depression. The more you look into the song and the video, the more will become apparent. It’s definitely one to delve into. It’s pretty cryptic. The main theme is about depression and how sometimes people can be depressed and lonely not because they’re useless but because they’re meant for better things than an ordinary life. It’s something that I think a lot of people can relate to and hopefully it strikes something with them. It’s easy to feel isolated in a mental state like that and so this was our way of reaching out to anyone who does. We wanted to give depression an uplifting and hopeful undertone. The title is a double meaning too but we’ll leave that for people to figure out when they’ve seen the new video!

Broken Arrow: Kerrang! Radio played your single on air the other night – how did it feel to find out that was gonna happen?

Furian: We were blown away. It’s been a childhood dream for all of us and I think it’s safe to say we were all a mixture of excited and anxious. Something like that is a big deal to us and it was our first major radio play after 2 years as a band. All of us feel like it’s a hugely positive step and we’re very humbled to have been part of such an influential and important UK music show. Frankly we couldn’t believe it was happening.

Broken Arrow: What has the response been ever since the single was aired?

Furian: We’re really proud to say we’ve had nothing but positive remarks and reviews. What Alex actually said on the show was really encouraging as well. We were not expecting to hear the words “This – Band – Rule”. We were actually expecting a whooping but everyone has been super supportive. You should have seen our faces when he said that. We’re very lucky to be surrounded by the people who have got on board with Furian so far and we’re thankful for every single one of them. It’s all been pluses. Very cool. Thanks everybody.

Broken Arrow: You’re releasing the single through your own independent record label PYAR Records. How did you guys come to set this up?

Furian: Honestly it’s because we didn’t really see another avenue. We’re very wary of major labels these days. That isn’t because they’re bad it’s because they are struggling as much as everyone else and have to make a lot of harsh decisions to remain in business. We don’t really see ourselves as being in a position to be victim to those and don’t like waiting for things to happen so we thought we’d make our own arrangements. Systems are pretty ropey in
the modern music world so we made a plan that suited us and pursued it. One that would help other bands too and be completely mutual as opposed to one sided. We have a lot of industry knowledge and so we thought instead of
hoarding our resources to ourselves we could create a win-win situation where we help other bands and they network with us. We actually own our own studio and touring van so we thought that it would be selfish not to get others in on it. God knows being in a band is expensive and help is a necessity. On our side it’s a way of getting a bit of extra support to keep everything running and they get low cost but high quality resources that completely slash their outgoing expenses with no downside. More importantly than that it’s a great way to bring everyone together. That’s what music is about and we wanted to be part of a label with that as a central ethos.

Broken Arrow: You’ve got a bunch of live dates coming up later this month. For those that haven’t seen you play live before, what can we expect from a live show?

Furian: I think the best answer we can give for that is that – People will get our best. We’ll give you all of our energy, all of our focus and all of our heart. Playing live is what we love to do and meeting new people and getting to play music for them is one of our favourite parts of being a band. If people want a high energy rock show then £6 gets you through the doors to see us on this run.

Broken Arrow: Lastly, what can we expect from Furian for the rest of 2016?

Furian: We actually have two songs pretty much ready to go in the studio. We’ll be releasing those over the course of the year, hopefully along with a music video. The problem with touring is it pretty much bleeds our wallets dry so we may have to hold off on the vid for a while but mostly just more music and more content. We have a few surprises in the bag but people will have to follow us to check those out. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

You can check out the new video for ‘What’s Up‘ below:

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