Over the last five years H.E.A.T has established themselves as one of the leading bands in the melodic rock scene, both in their homeland Sweden and internationally. Having played with bands such as Alice Cooper, Thin Lizzy, and Toto as well as appearing at festivals like Sweden Rock Festival and Download Festival you know H.E.AT are on to something big! We got the chance to chat to guitarist Eric Rivers and bassist Jimmy Jay following their performance on the main stage at Download. 

Broken Arrow: How’s Download Festival been for you so far? Did you enjoy your show?

Jimmy: Yeah it was a great show, we had a great turnout. It was a very big crowd.

Broken Arrow: Not bad for this muddy weather then?

Eric: Well I mean today cleared up a bit. But we are very happy with the show. It was just too short.  But that’s like all shows, I guess.

Broken Arrow: Thank you for taking the time to talk to Broken Arrow Magazine, for those who aren’t familiar with H.E.A.T, can you tell me how the band started and a little about your music? 

Eric: Sure, we started in 2007. We play melodic, hard rock and and we’ve released five albums, the latest one is ‘Live In London’, which we recorded last year.

Broken Arrow: You’ve been touring constantly in support of your last studio album ‘Tearing Down The Walls’, how have your fans been responding to the songs live?

Jimmy: Really good! I think that the album was really made for working live. I think it’s been really successful and as you say we’re still touring on it and it was released almost a year ago, so yeah.

Broken Arrow: You’ve been touring relentlessly haven’t you?

Eric: We’ve been touring shit loads!

Broken Arrow: You guys must be tired then?

Jimmy: No, not really. we’re good.

Broken Arrow: You recently released your first live album, ‘Live In London’. What made you want to do a live album?

Eric: Actually it was initially the idea of our record label. We were just touring and touring and they said “let’s do a live album as your getting really good reviews”,  and we were like sure why not. It’s a cool thing to do. Every band should do a live album at some point.

Broken Arrow: What’s the response for ‘Live In London’ been like so far?

Eric: Really, really good! We didn’t expect that, as we didn’t put a lot of effort into it as we were just touring it was just another show to us.

Jimmy: I think we came up with the decision that we were gonna do it about two days before the show, so we didn’t have a lot of time, we just did our thing and tried to capture it best we could.

Broken Arrow: Did you guys choose London or did your label?

Jimmy: Well London had a good pre-sale so you know we were like yeah let’s do London.

Broken Arrow: You’ve supported the likes of Alice Cooper, Scorpions and Toto to name a few, who would you like to tour with next?

Eric: Foo Fighters!

Jimmy: Well, I saw Muse yesterday and I’m huge Muse fan, I would love to tour with them.

Broken Arrow: You’ve recently been writing new music, can fans expect a new album soon?

Eric: Maybe… hopefully… we will release the next album when we think it’s ready. When we think it’s done. That’s they way we’ve always done it. We always write music, we’re always working on the next album even if we are touring we don’t set aside time to be like “now we are going to write”.

Jimmy: We are constantly writing and when we feel now is a good time we go in to the studio. It works better that way. We don’t push anything.

Broken Arrow: When can the UK fans expect a tour?

Jimmy: It’ll probably be with the next album, we’ll have to wait and see but we love the UK and we always come back. We always play the UK more than Sweden. The UK is really good to us!

Broken Arrow: Any last words for the fans before you go?

Eric: See you in Tokyo. We’re going to Tokyo in September. It’s going to be awesome.

Watch ‘Point Of No Return’ below: 

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