Australian rock band Hands Like Houses has spent the last three years bringing their powerful, high-energy brand of music and live shows to an increasing fan base across Australia, the US, Europe and the UK. So far they’ve continued travelling coast to coast in the US, UK and Europe, delivering strings of sold-out shows all around the world as they headline and play alongside some of the other great names in music. Following their first appearance at Download Festival we spoke to guitarist Alexander Pearson and vocalist Trenton Woodley.

Broken Arrow: You guys pulled in a huge crowd in the Maverick Stage today. Were you happy with the show?

Trenton: Yeah it was great. We played our brand new song and the crowd was really in to it, we were inbetween a whole bunch of heavy bands which I wish we could say we are not really used to but yeah so at first the crowd seemed a little bit unsure of what to do, but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing…

Alex: No one walked away, everyone stayed so I thought it was great!

Broken Arrow: Was it Hands Like Houses first time playing Download Festival?

Trenton: It was yeah, first time going, playing and being a part of it.

Broken Arrow: So what do you think so far?

Trenton: It’s awesome – it’s wet but it’s really awesome.

Alex: The things is we’re just like what’s the deal with the weather and everyone’s just like this is just normal. Everyone is just really casual about it. It was beautiful yesterday afternoon, I had my shirt off and was cooking stuff, it was great.

Broken Arrow: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us, for those who aren’t familiar with you guys, can you tell us how it all started?

Trenton: Joel and Coops have been best friends since they were like eight, and by gradual process we got the line up we have now, and it’s just clicked. We just played loads of shows together. It just kind of happened.

Alex: I think it was just a very natural thing, like I feel like it’s probably the most cliche way a band starts. It was nothing out of the ordinary really.

Broken Arrow: How would you describe your sound to people who haven’t heard you before?

Alex: I’ll describe it as broadly as possible, I’d probably say it’s alternative rock but more on the heavy, ambient side.

Broken Arrow: Your headline show at The Barfly sold out in less than three hours, how was the show?

Trenton: It was really cool, really fun!

Alex: It was pretty much the opposite of this, it was really hot but still really wet cos everyone was sweating and things but it was awesome.

Trenton: There were definite moments where we did have concern for the floor, there was so many people in there – but it was really, really fun. Everyone there new every single word to our songs, so it’s such a cool feeling especially when it’s so far from home for us. I don’t think we could be geographically further from home being here, short of being a hundred miles in the Atlantic Ocean.

Broken Arrow: When can fans expect a full UK tour?

Trenton: We’re aiming for the end of the year, we’re finishing up an album after we do the US Warped Tour so in theory we at the end of year, we’re working on it.

Broken Arrow: Awesome, and what can we expect from the new album?

Trenton: Songs and music.

Alex: Some sick music! Nah, it’s just gonna be like a progression from what we have, if anything I’d say it’s a little bit darker and in general a little bit more emotive without being emo music.

Trenton: We’re just trying to take the best of what we did with the first two albums and take a step forward all at the same time. Every band says the same sort of thing but at the end of the day we’re really happy with the direction it’s taking and we’re really excited to finish it off.

Broken Arrow: You said the Enter Shikari tour was one to cross off the bucket list, who’s next on the list that you would like to tour with? 

Trenton: In terms of early influences, we really have kind of ticked off most, we haven’t toured with Thrice yet.

Alex: I still love to tour with Bring Me… like that Sempiternal album is just so sick! A UK tour with them, they just played Wembley. I’d probably say yes to that, maybe…

Broken Arrow: If you could see the creation of any great album from any period, if you could just see how it happened what would you choose? 

Alex: That is a question and a half, I’d probably say any of The Rolling Stones records, I think that would encompass the most like natural music and also the classic kind of rock stuff and the way of going about things.

Trenton: It’s kind of an obscure one but I feel like The Getaway Plan’s ‘Requiem’ album would be a really fun album to be a fly on the wall for, I know it’s a really obscure choice but it’d definitely be cool.

Broken Arrow: Any last words for the fans today? 

Alex: Thanks for coming out to Download if you came out and please keep supporting us we’ll be back at the end of the year.

Watch the video for ‘I Am’ below:

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