We caught up with rockers Hightown Parade to find out all about their debut album and other plans for 2018…

Broken Arrow: For those who haven’t heard of you, can you tell us all about Hightown Parade?

Hightown Parade: We are from the south coast and have been together for about 6 months!

“I think for all of us it was never a choice, like most groups it just happens…”

Broken Arrow: Your sound takes influence from the likes of Queen and T-Rex – who were your biggest influences growing up?

Hightown Parade: We all pretty much have the same influences – bands that have a bit of drama in their writing – bands such as Meatloaf, Queen and David Bowie. Bands and artists that had a real identity both Musically and Visually – Iron Maiden, Amy Winehouse and Prince. Although most of the above are a lot older than what was current whilst growing up they were the bands we all looked back to and loved; artists that if you walked past them you would be like” well they are in a band”

Broken Arrow: What made you all decide to get into music as a career?

Hightown Parade: I think for all of us it was never a choice, like most groups it just happens. Equally it feels like it was always going to be if that way if that makes sense

Broken Arrow: You recently revealed the video for ‘Choose’ – how did the new track go down with fans?

Hightown Parade: We were happy with the reaction – though the video was Marmite especially the lipstick but that was more about the definition of the characters paths and the general message of the song.

Broken Arrow: What’s the track all about?

Hightown Parade: It’s about choices and which path you take, it was written about a friend who had a decision to make. We all have to make decisions every single day from the most boring to the most serious. And nothing can move on until the choice is made and although its hard its better you make the choice as you are the one that will be dealing with outcome.

“We aren’t afraid of being classic in places either…”

Broken Arrow: Your debut album is set for release in 2018 – we cannot wait! Can you give us any information on what to expect from the new release?

Hightown Parade: It will be Rock influenced and quite grand, lots of harmonies and hooks – our influences will be evident but not copied. The songs are a mix of Epic songs to ballads with some Frantic Rock in between. We aren’t afraid of being classic in places either.

Broken Arrow: How do you feel about revealing your debut album to fans?

Hightown Parade: Excited for their reactions and hopeful impact and hopefully by the time we release we will have gained more fans who will like the music!

“We would have to class the Hometown shows as the best!”

Broken Arrow: You’ve been touring across the UK recently – what was the most atmospheric show you played?

Hightown Parade: To be honest we haven’t played to many shows so they have all felt atmospheric to us – but we would have to class the Hometown shows as the best.

Broken Arrow: Where do you plan to tour next? Any festivals?

Hightown Parade: Making plans at the moment – but anywhere, we love to play

Broken Arrow: Lastly, do you have anything in the pipeline for 2018?

Hightown Parade: We have a single planned for March – we recorded it with Darren Lawson who was Alan Moulders (Pumpkins, Depeche Mode) engineer and it was mixed by Chris Sheldon (Therapy, Biffy Clyro) which we are shooting the video for later this month. Writing more songs for the set, Chris has a shack in Cornwall which is a great place to write, then more recording and hopefully getting more shows in and getting people to join the Parade. Individually Galen (guitar) is getting his 1st smart phone! He doesn’t actually own one and io (Bass) is looking at making her name more pronounceable to just ‘i’.

Check out the video for ‘Choose’ below:

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