“Youth is slightly heavier and Caught shows more of a melodic and slightly more commercial side? They’re like siblings that are best friends.”

We caught up with Truro-based post-hardcore crew Hypophora as they are about to release their double A single ‘Youth/Caught’. The trio spoke about the singles, future releases, working with Easy Action Records, the Cornish music scene and playing with bands they love.

Broken Arrow: Can you tell us about your new singles, YOUTH and Caught, what are the themes behind them?

Hypophora: ‘Youth’ is heavily to do with being a young person at this point in time – like rebelling against a bigger establishment, whatever that ‘bigger establishment’ may be is completely up to you really. It’s quite an angry song, all about individuality and not following what everyone has to say about career paths/lifestyle choices n all that jazz. The moral of the story is to just let kids be kids. Don’t try and force your ideals onto younger generations , let them figure things out for themselves. Let them explore, be curious and make mistakes and most importantly just let them be themselves.

‘Caught’ is a little bit more personal. Like losing your way ever so slightly and not realising how much you and the things/people around you are changing. Similar to ‘Priorities’ by Don Broco, when a person just completely changes in the things they say/how they act/what the get up to etc. and they just don’t realise at all.

Broken Arrow: What was it about Youth and Caught that you decided to release these two as a double A single?

Hypophora: Both songs were written by Karum within a single weekend. The lyrics to both came within the following week and the two songs just really seemed to compliment each other really. ‘Youth’ is slightly heavier and ‘Caught’ shows more of a melodic and slightly more commercial side? They’re like siblings that are also the best of friends.

Broken Arrow: You’ve stated in previous interviews that these songs won’t feature on a future album, do they just not fit in with the theme of newer tracks?

Hypophora: We literally just have loads of newer (and some slightly older) material that we really want to get out into the world and unfortunately we just don’t have space on a future album for ‘Youth’ or ‘Caught’ although they would sit well with the other songs nicely.

Broken Arrow: You have a video for Youth, will there be one for Caught too?

Hypophora: Perhaps one day. Hopefully in the new year! We’ll have lot of visuals out over the course of 2017

Broken Arrow: What can we expect from future material in comparison to this double A Single?

Hypophora: Some heavier riffs are a happening and a bit more chilled keyboard action comes into play on a couple of tracks as well, one of which we’ve recorded already and sounds really really really good. Recording at Momentum studios really allowed us to go all out, so there’s some really wacky guitar, vocal and general recording effects. It’s some of the best songs we believe we’ve ever written, to be honest.

“Cornwall definitely has our strongest fan base, and also has our hearts. There’s just nothing like playing a show to people who love watching us”


Broken Arrow: You’re releasing the double A single through Easy Action records, are you a part of their roster or is this a one-off?

Hypophora: We will be working with Easy Action for future releases as well. We are indeed part of their roster!

Broken Arrow: What was it about the label that made you want them to put out the release?

Hypophora: There’s isn’t a great deal of A&R,labels or distro in Cornwall at all. So to see someone like Carlton (Sandercock) doing a lot of the work for bands in the Cornish music scene was really cool. We just think it’s rad to be working with someone so passionate and excited for up-and-coming music.

Broken Arrow: Can you tell us about Cornwall’s alternative music scene? How active is it?

Hypophora: It’s very active, there’s a wealth of different of bands eager to be gigging and releasing music all the time but no one other than the musicians seems to care at all. The venues keep shutting down, there’s only a handful of good places to play in and the locals rarely want to go and see bands unless they’ve heard of them before (that is if they aren’t filing noise complaints to the council as happened on a few occasions). Katie’s actually writing an article about the desolate Cornish music scene, it really needs to be brought to light how much talent there is down here but it’s going to take time. We’re hoping we can help fix it – there’s a lot of good people down here that do care about the scene and will make an effort!

Broken Arrow: Are there any other artists locally you enjoy playing with? Any acts we should all be checking out?

Hypophora: We absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the guys in Cousin Buzz (Plymouth/Cornwall based). We just come back from a mini-tour with them last week and it was a lot of fun. We’ll be touring together loads in the new year too. Falmouth’s Tinnedfruit always tear up any venue they set foot in, they’re always good fun to gig with as well as Wolf Note, Moenna and The Interceptors.

Broken Arrow: Outside of Cornwall, where are your favourite places to play?

Hypophora: Leeds is so much fun! The bands and music lovers up there are just so receptive to new, undiscovered and exciting music, it’s really refreshing. Everyone is always so keen to get to know us and stuff too, it’s like a big old family vibe.

Broken Arrow: Is there anywhere that has a stronger fan base?

Hypophora: Cornwall definitely has our strongest fan base, and also has our hearts. There’s just nothing like playing a show to people who love watching us play.

Broken Arrow: Soon you’re playing separate shows with Tigercub and Allusondrugs, how excited are you for those shows?

Hypophora: So very excited! Lewis absolutely adores Tigercub, so he’s a very eager beaver. That show is actually being held in a place called Beerwolf which is a bookshop and also a bar (very very cool). We’ve been wanting to play a show there for a while so that’s exciting. It’s going to be so great to finally meet and hang out with Allusondrugs too, we’ve been in touch with them for a while trying to sort out gigs, but it’s finally pulled through!

Broken Arrow: Who would be the dream bands to share a stage with?

Hypophora: Red Hot Chili Peppers!! Foo Fighters!! Any of the Seattle bands back in the 90s too.

“we’d always daydreamed of going on tour and living in a recording studio for days at a time, that’s a real childhood dream come true.”


Broken Arrow: What do you feel has been the biggest achievement of Hypophora so far?

Hypophora: Every time we write new material that makes us very happy and fulfilled. It’s a wonderful feeling. Just to be still writing music that we’re so interested and fascinated by after four years of being a band is a pretty great achievement.

Broken Arrow: What were the goals for Hypophora when the band formed and how have they changed over the last four years?

Hypophora: We didn’t really imagine taking it this seriously in the first place. Considering we were still in school and had absolutely no idea what we were doing in life, we rarely bothered thinking too much about the future at that point in our lives. Though we’d always daydreamed of going on tour and living in a recording studio for days at a time, that’s a real childhood dream come true.

Broken Arrow: Any last words for our readers and your fans?

Hypophora: Go and watch bands that you’ve never heard of! Support local artists and creative types in general! Pay that extra £1.50 for that CD. you never know how much that can mean to someone.

You can check out the video for ‘Youth’ below

‘Youth/Caught’ is out now via Easy Action Records

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