Melodic hardcore band Lifelink recently revealed their brand new EP ‘Love Lost‘. We had a little chat with the band to find out all about the recording process, touring and their most surreal moment as a band so far…

Broken Arrow: For those who have never heard of you, could you tell us a little bit about the Lifelink?

Lifelink: To be honest we’re just a group of kids that can only think about 1 thing, music. All of us have been in bands since we were kids and through out the years we just came together.

Broken Arrow: Your sound is described as melodic hardcore. What made you take that direction with your music? Who are your biggest influences?

Lifelink: We just noticed a lot of bands in our similar genre have been all going the softer route, kinda following the trend. So we decided to write a faster more aggressive EP.

Broken Arrow: You’ve just revealed your new EP ‘Love Lost’ – what has the response been from fans so far?

Lifelink: It’s been incredible, way more than we could’ve expected. We are just so grateful that everyone who has listened to it has been nothing but supportive.

“Working with Cory Spotts is just incredible…”

Broken Arrow: How does ‘Love Lost’ differ from your previous EP’s ‘Morose’ and ‘Nothing’?

Lifelink: Once again it’s just much more aggressive and in your face, we tried to put more actual hardcore riffs in the songs and not just rely on being another sad band trying to scam kids. No gimmicks, just music.

Broken Arrow: What was the recording process like for the EP?

Lifelink: It was really great, we had all the songs written and ready before we had gotten to the studio. Working with Cory Spotts is just incredible.

Broken Arrow: Did one person take the lead or was it a joint effort?

Lifelink: It’s always a combined effort between all of us. It’s the only thing we care about so everyone is always really involved.

“Terminal is about having someone positive in your life who you are afraid of infecting with your despair…”

Broken Arrow: You recently revealed ­the explosive new single ‘Terminal’. What’s it all about?

Lifelink: Terminal is kinda touchy, it’s a song written about when you get into a routine of depressing thoughts it becomes a sort of illness that surrounds you, and infects those who are close to you. That negativity eventually becomes who you are as a person. Terminal is about having someone positive in your life who you are afraid of infecting with your despair.

Broken Arrow: Can we catch you guys on tour any time soon?

Lifelink: Yup, we try to constantly stay on the road working and playing shows.

Broken Arrow: If you could choose any band or artist to share a stage with, who would it be?

Lifelink: Collectively probably 3rd Eye Blind.

Broken Arrow: What’s been your most surreal moment so far as a band so far?

Lifelink: Probably playing in our home town and seeing the response. I just always think of how crazy local shows were when I was a kid and I always wanted that, now playing home is the most surreal thing ever.

Broken Arrow: Lastly, what can we expect from Lifelink for the rest of 2017?

Lifelink: Tour!

Check out the powerful video for ‘Terminal‘ here:

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