Formed by brothers Chris, Matt & Kent Brooks, Like A Storm has made huge waves across the world. Renowned for their explosive live show, Like A Storm quickly climbed the ranks, having now toured with Alter Bridge, Black Stone Cherry, Steel Panther, Shinedown, HellYeah, Black Veil Brides and more. We caught up with guitarist Matt after their first ever Download Festival appearance. 

Broken Arrow: Is it Like A Storm’s first time at Download Festival today?

Matt: Yeah, Download’s been amazing, and as a result we were also amazing. It’s great, Download is such an iconic festival, it’s something that we always dreamed of playing one day, so to actually be here is very surreal.

Broken Arrow: How does it feel to be up there on the line-up of bands like Motley Crue, KISS and Muse?

Matt: It feels awesome, I was actually just looking at the poster before, and I was like dude, KISS is playing today, and Slash, and Motley Crue.

Broken Arrow: Are you going to go and watch them all then?

Matt: As soon as I escape I will go and watch them yeah, but it’s cool to come and talk to people, talk about music – I love music more than anything.  I like to talk about Like A Storm. It gets Like A Storm’s name out there when I say Like A Storm. Like the weather outside is Like A Storm, and I also play in a band called Like A Storm, what’s that five times?

Broken Arrow: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. For those who aren’t familiar with you guys can you just give us a quick recap on how it all started?

Matt: Yeah, so the band is three brothers we are from New Zealand and we’ve been touring solidly in the States for about the last six years. This is our second trip to the UK so it’s amazing to be playing Download today. We’ve been really lucky, we were here in March touring with Black Veil Brides, and we’ve been lucky to tour in the States with everyone from like Alter Bridge to Slash to Creed to Shinedown so you know, when you come from New Zealand and get to do this kind of stuff it’s pretty amazing.

Broken Arrow: You’ve toured with a lot of big names. Is there anyone on your bucket list who you’d like to tour with next?

Matt: Man, I’m a huge music geek so, I dunno, I’d love to play with Tool. There is a huge list, you know? It wouldn’t make any sense musically but I’d love to play with Joe Bonamassa. I’ll have to start a blues band and then get really good but maybe I’ll get to play with him then…

Broken Arrow: Which song would you say is a great introduction to Like A Storm?

Matt: I’d say ‘Love The Way You Hate Me’, it’s a song that we wrote that incorporates the Didgeridoo into hard rock and it’s also a song we wrote about being yourself. It was a really personal song to us and it’s been awesome to hear that it’s connected with so many people. So for people who haven’t heard of us I’d say go check out the video which has taken off by the way. It’s has almost three million views now. It’s a good introduction to people who are curious!

Broken Arrow: Do you get everyone singing along at your shows with that one?

Matt: Yeah, the people were singing along at like 11 o’clock this morning. I mean, when you come from another country, and then you come to the UK and people are singing your lyrics it’s pretty incredible.

Broken Arrow: Before you go on tour, what do you need to take with you? What can’t you leave the house without?

Matt: My guitars! Otherwise I’ve got pretty good at travelling light. My suitcase is filled entirely with black clothes, so as long as I have enough clothes to wear on stage and my guitars, I’m good.

Broken Arrow: You’re about to join Three Days Grace on their US tour, are you excited?

Matt: Yeah I am! We’ve known those guys for a few years now and they’re such great dudes, such an awesome band. I literally just saw them backstage a few minutes ago. It’s really exciting to tour the States with them, yeah.

Broken Arrow: Do you feel that as a band you are always trying to push yourself to try new things?

Matt: Absolutely! I think that’s how we have become a band that has a Didgeridoo in our music and, actually one of our songs ‘Wish You Hell’ – which is actually our new single here in the UK – combines kind of delta blues with rock so yeah we are constantly trying to push the envelope and incorporate new influences into our music.

Broken Arrow: You mention your new single, ‘Wish You Hell’. With your song writing process, do you all collaborate as a band or write individually?

Matt: It’s kind of a crazy process because my brothers and I all write songs and when we grew up in different bands we were all the main song writer in our bands so now when we write we have, you know, a tonne of songs to chose from for every album. We just go through and pick the ones that we all love and then we work on those together. We actually produced our last album ourselves so we had the opportunity to do exactly as we wanted, as a songwriter that is a really dear thing.

Broken Arrow: So who’s the producer in the band? You? Do your brothers produce?

Matt: My brothers and I all produce and we also did a lot of mixing on the record as well, although most of it was mixed by Michael “Elvis” Baskette who does the Alter Bridge albums and is incredible. But we really got to see our vision through and then to have that released across America, the UK and Europe is a dream come true!

Broken Arrow: How do you handle being in a band with your brothers? Are you guys close? 

Matt: I think we handle it pretty well. You know we always got on really well growing up. I’m the youngest, the other guys didn’t kick my ass too much. We all just love music so we have so much in common and now we get to do that together and we get to tour the world together doing what we love which is awesome.

Broken Arrow: You’ve achieved a lot so far, what’s next for Like A Storm? What would you like to accomplish next?

Matt: We’d love to come back to the UK and Europe and start touring as a headline band. It’d be cool to come back and play a longer set and more songs from our album.

Broken Arrow: Any last words to the fans?

Matt: Thank you. We love our fans and we wouldn’t be here without them!

Watch ‘Wish You Hell’ below:

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