Welsh 5 piece Peasant’s King have been together for a little over three years and after uploading their music to BBC Introducing, their track was selected as”Track Of The Week“. Ever since then, the band has catapulted into the public eye with slots at Reading & Leeds as well as sharing the stage with the likes of Gabrielle Aplin and Catfish & The Bottlemen. We caught up with guitarist Josh Bowles to see how things were going for these guys…

Broken Arrow: What was the idea behind the band name? Is it just the use of two contradicting terms or is there a deeper story to it?

Josh: We actually had the music before we had our band name! Our first ever gig was fast approaching and we needed to come up with something fast to put on the poster. We tried desperately thinking of name, including a possible “L’escargot” which we immediately rejected – thank god for that! Dan (vocals) was basically watching Robin Hood one day and the name came to him from that!

Broken Arrow: You recently signed to Visible Noise Records in a big step for the band. Why did you decide to go with them in particular and are there any other bands on the label that you particularly want to work with in future?

Josh: A few of us in the band grew up listening to bands on the Visible Noise label, so it’s a big honour to now be a part of it. We thought Visible Noise could be a great stepping stone for us onto bigger things in the future, hence why we went with them. We get on well with the COLT 45 boys on the label too, so it would be good to share the stage with them in the future!

Broken Arrow: Do you feel like you approach things differently now that you are on the label or is it business as usual?

Josh: Some decisions can take a bit longer, particularly with the release of music because everything needs to be ran by our manager (who also owns the label) to ensure she’s happy with the choices we make. We still have to push ourselves and can’t become complacent with our input, having the label in place just takes off a lot of the pressures that can come with releasing music.

Broken Arrow: In an ideal world, which band would you love to play or tour with and why?

Josh: In a fantasy world, it would have been incredible to support Queen when Freddie Mercury was still alive and well! Personally, I would love to tour with Biffy Clyro as they have been a massive influence on me as a musician and performer, always giving it everything they’ve got at every show. One thing I can’t stand with bands is when they stay completely still and lack that performance element, one thing that Biffy never lack in.

Broken Arrow: Musically, people have compared your music to the likes of Kings of Leon and Mumford and Sons. Are you happy with this comparison, and what steps do you take to set yourselves apart from other bands?

Josh: We can see some similarities, but I think our music feels a lot ‘busier’ than those bands. We do tend to write big catchy choruses and those bands are known well for that too. I’ve always found the Mumford comparison a bit strange because we’ve been compared to them for a couple of years when they were really folky; we have a much bigger, more electrified sound than them but I would understand the comparison with their newest material.

Broken Arrow: When you sent off your recording to BBC Introducing it received a lot of attention from the Radio One DJ’s such as Fearne Cotton and Greg James. How did you and your families feel when you first heard their reactions to your music?

Josh: We were over the moon the week we got the ‘BBC Introducing Band of the Week’ on BBC Radio 1! We hadn’t even been going for a year at this point which made it pretty surreal to get played on a major radio station like that. To get praise on Twitter from people like Greg James was unreal, it was like an early Christmas for us!

Broken Arrow: What is the local band scene like in your home town of Pontypridd? Has a local following assisted in your success?

Josh: The scene around us for years tended to be more of a post-hardcore scene so we really stuck out from that. It took a while to build up following possibly because of this, but over the last few years the music locale has branched out a lot more which is great for bands like us.

Broken Arrow: Can you describe the way you make your music? Is there a main songwriter or is it a collaborative process?

Josh: Usually one person will come to the band with a song idea or something as small as a riff before the band expand on it and we all try to put our own input into it. It can take time this way, but we write our best music when everyone’s fully involved with writing and arranging the songs.

Broken Arrow: The track ‘Give a Little Love’ is the single from the debut album ‘David’. Why did you eventually choose this one to release above the others? Can you give us a little bit of background about the track?

Josh: This track was actually the song that took longest to write for the album, been changed sporadically over several months. I came to the band with the initial riff from the songs intro and it slowly built up from there. We chose ‘Give A Little Love’ as the first single because we felt it gave a good preview of what’s to come from the album, as the song combines a lot of influences like rock, pop and soul. The album crosses a lot more terrain genre wise than our previous releases.

Broken Arrow: What’s the goal for the band? Are you aspiring for fame and fortune or are you simply happy to be making music and touring?

Josh: We want to tour the world and get our music heard by as many people as possible. We’d love to be playing Wembley one day with over 80,000 screaming back our songs, so basically what most bands probably dream of!

Check out the band’s latest video for ‘Give A Little Love‘:

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