British pop punk lads ROAM are easily one of the most exciting bands in the UK right now. Having recently signed with Hopeless Records, being announced for Download Festival and  touring in the USA with Set It Off, Against The Current and As It Is, the hard work (and good times) appears to be endless. We had a little chat with vocalist Alex Costello before they took to the stage at this year’s Download Festival.

Broken Arrow: How are you doing today Alex? You’ve got your set later on today, are you looking forward to it?

Alex: Yeah we’re looking forward to it a lot, you know, we’ve been here since yesterday so we finally get to play.

Broken Arrow: It’s ROAM’s first time at Download Festival right?

Alex: Yeah we’ve never played this festival before so you know it’s cool!

Broken Arrow: Do you get nervous before you go on stage?

Alex: It’s not the biggest stage we’ve ever done but I’m still nervous about it to be fair as it’s Download Festival. It’s kind of a big thing. I’ve never been to the festival but I’ve always known about it.

Broken Arrow: Can you tell us how ROAM started?

Alex: We started playing really cheesy pop-punk before we started ROAM, four of us in the band and then we decided to change everything up, I was playing bass at the time, then we brought it Matt on bass, and I just started singing and then it just kind of took off for us.

Broken Arrow: Do you prefer being a vocalist then?

Alex: Yeah, although when we’re recording and everyone else is playing their parts, I just wanna play guitar. You know? Live, yeah I prefer singing.

Broken Arrow: What bands are you most excited about seeing/playing alongside this year?

Alex: Well we’re only staying until after out set as we have to leave for France straight away. The bands I’d like to see are Parkway Drive and Nortlane, but we clash with them. I was excited to see Slipknot, it was good to see them.

Broken Arrow: You just supported A Loss For Words at their final ever shows. Was it an honour to a part of it?

Alex: It was an honour to be a part of it because we’ve only known them for like a year and it’s been so good just to get to know them, they’re really nice guys.

Broken Arrow: How did the show go, was it good?

Alex: It was sick, a lot of things happened. There was some scuffles you know.

Broken Arrow: Really? Like What?

Alex: I don’t know if I can actually say but there was an interesting moment that went on during the set.

Broken Arrow: So you just had to of been there then?

Alex: Yeah!

Broken Arrow: You’ve just announced Matt Wilson of Set Your Goals as a guest vocalist on your new album, how did the come about?

Alex: We work with this dude who is very connected and he tours with All Time Low and stuff and he knew them and just like you know do you wanna get him on guest vocals, he knew that we were massive fans of Set Your Goals. It was really cool.

Broken Arrow: If you were to compare your sound to two bands who would you pick and why?

Alex: Compare as in like as good as?

Broken Arrow: As in similar sound…

Alex: Sum 41 because we literally – that’s all me and Alex listen to really and Set Your Goals as you know that quick vocal lines sort of thing…

Broken Arrow: What’s your favourite Sum 41 album then?

Alex: I would say ‘Chuck’ because it’s darker.

Broken Arrow: Ours is ‘Does This Look Infected’…

Alex: Yeah that’s good as well.

Broken Arrow: Who would you like to spot in the crowd at one of your shows? If you could see anyone? A huge idol…

Alex: If Parkway were to see us that would be sick. That’d be good!

Broken Arrow: Any last words? Anything you’d like to say to the fans?

Alex: New music coming up you know…

Watch ‘Warning Sign’ below:

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