It’s been an exciting few months for British pop punk lads ROAM. Starting with signing to Hopeless Records in November, being announced for Download 2015, and currently touring in the USA as part of the Glamour Kills Clothing Spring Break, with Set It Off, Against The Current and As It Is, the hard work (and good times) appears to be endless! We managed to grab a moment inbetween American tour dates, to ask ROAM bassist Matt Roskilly a few questions…

Broken Arrow: So you’ve just kicked off your first ever US tour with Set It Off, what is your favourite thing about America so far?

Matt: America has been insanely fun for us already, it’s still pretty surreal for us to be this far away from home off the back of playing our music. We’ve already been through a fair amount of States and we’ve only been touring for about a week. I think collectively our favourite thing about America is Taco Bell. Without a doubt. So much better than the fast food we get in the UK.

Broken Arrow: How have the US crowds reacted to your live shows in comparison to other shows you’ve played?

Matt: US crowds have actually been very welcoming for us. Obviously not a lot of people have actually heard of us over here, but whether they have or not, people are always bouncing their heads and acting generally encouraging. It is a bit different to playing at home, because we have a bigger fan base in the UK, but this tour is an amazing way for us to meet tons of new people for the first time so if we can get them to enjoy it first time they see us, then we are on the right track.

Broken Arrow: How are you dealing with all the travelling and constantly being on the road? Are you getting on each other’s nerves yet?

Matt: So far it hasn’t been too stressful, other than a bit of snow in Tennessee, which was unexpected. We are sharing a van with the As It Is guys and we couldn’t ask for better dudes to be hanging with. We all get on well, and if anyone does end up arguing it’s resolved within minutes. We all love each other really!

Broken Arrow: You signed to Hopeless Records back in November, how did you celebrate such awesome news?

Matt: We did! Well we knew for quite a while that it was going to happen, we’d been chatting to our Hopeless family for months before we actually signed. When it actually came to the day we signed we all got together and had a take away and a few drinks, it was pretty chill really. Good vibes were had by all!

Broken Arrow: You’ve been announced for Download Festival this year – how does it feel to be part of a line-up with acts as huge as KISS, Muse and Slipknot?

Matt: It’s such a big deal for us! We are all so stoked to be on that festival, we all are massive fans of Slipknot so we will probably be found in the pit! It’s also our first big UK festival announcement so that’s exciting in itself.

Broken Arrow: We saw your post about ROAM VS FOOD happening – has it happened so far? If so, what’s best thing you’ve eaten?

Matt: Oh it hasn’t quite happened yet, but it most definitely will, we are currently taking recommendations from people coming to the shows of where we should check out. That being said, the amount of Mexican fast food we have eaten is a challenge in its own right!

Broken Arrow: I love the pop punk vibe you’ve got going on, it reminds me of my teenage years, listening to The Offspring, SUM 41, The All American Rejects etc. Who would you say are your biggest musical influences?

Matt: Thank you very much! You’ve listed bands there that we all grew up loving and listening to, so we take a lot of influence from bands from that time, I would probably say one of our strongest influences is Sum 41. Or any other bands from that wave of pop punk!

Broken Arrow: Have you guys always been friends or did pop punk bring you together?

Matt: We all kind of had mutual friends with each other growing up, and the guys, other than me (Matt, bass) were in a cheesy pop punk band before ROAM. And they brought me in as I played with Sam (guitar) in another band. It’s quite a long winded not very interesting story, but I guess you could say pop punk brought us together as its the common interest we originally shared.

Broken Arrow: Lastly, for those who’ve never been fortunate enough to get to a ROAM show, what can fans expect?

Matt: People can expect an energetic bouncy performance, we try to put all our efforts into each live show so we don’t have to exercise for the rest of the week! Plus we are okay as people so come hang out!

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