September Mourning is more than just a band. It’s a project that started when Emily Lazar contacted Marc Silvestri of Top Cow ProductionsMarc Silvestri, who started out on the original X-Men comics and went on to form Top Cow Productions (Witchblade, The Darkness). Together, they wrote the story of September Mourning in graphic form, to accompany, and enhance the musical message. We caught up with Emily just after September Mourning stepped off the stage at this year’s Download Festival to get a few questions answered…

Broken Arrow: How are you today? How has Download Festival been for you so far?

Emily: Kind of chilly, and it’s really wet, but it’s awesome, it’s been really awesome.

Broken Arrow: It’s your first time at Download Festival right? How did your show go?

Emily: Yeah it’s our first time here, I’m a virgin here. It’s been a lot fun, I really, really enjoyed it, the crowd was awesome. The festival is just incredible!

Broken Arrow: I’m sure you get this question all the time, but tell us about the story behind September Mourning…

Emily: Basically… September Mourning is a story. It all started with a storyline where September is a human-reaper hybrid. She was chosen by fate to have her soul taken and fate sends this reaper, Riven, after her. Riven falls in love with September and doesn’t want to take her soul, so he sacrifices his powers as a reaper to September and she becomes this human-reaper hybrid. September, because of her immunity doesn’t want fate to control humans and if they live or die so she starts doing things like swapping souls out and giving people second chances in life totally against fate. Fate then sends all these reapers after her to find and finally kill her then this whole war between the living and the dead ensues…

Broken Arrow: Wow, so did you come up with the idea?

Emily: Yeah, it was me and this guy named Marc Silvestri, a comic book artist. He runs his own company Top Cow Productions.

Broken Arrow: What influenced the story?

Emily: I’ve been obsessed with death since I was like really little, I’ve had a lot of death in my life. I think we’re all kind of a little obsessed with death, you know what I mean? Even if we don’t admit it, because we’re all wondering when we are gonna die, right? You know the clocks ticking… It was just trying to write a story that kind of put us in an empowering position instead of being a slave to the clock that’s eventually going to run out. That’s basically where the initial idea came from.

Broken Arrow: For those who haven’t seen you before, how would you describe your live show?

Emily: We’re taking you on a journey, through an empowering story that whilst trying to bring as much to life to you as possible through our costumes and theatrical show but also get the point across that this is a story and is based on human emotion and strength.

Broken Arrow: You recently released your new single, ‘Children of Fate’, how have your fans been responding to it?

Emily: They love it, they think it’s really cool! It’s like their anthem now!

Broken Arrow: How has 2015 been treating you guys?

Emily: It’s great, we’ve been good. We’ve been busy touring, we just played Rock On The Range in the US, then came over here to the UK, did a couple of shows here, then going back after Download Festival and then going out on tour in the fall again. Back on the road, it’s a busy one.

Broken Arrow: Any last words for the world?

Emily: To all of our Children of Fate… thank you for accepting us and our story into your lives, our music into your heart, we love you all. See you soon!

Watch the video for ‘Children of Fate‘ below:

Don’t forget to check out September Mourning here: